3DSwitcher – More iOS App Switcher Animations

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the App Switcher screen gets 3D effects? You can now have just that, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak. 3DSwitcher adds great 3D effects when you switch from one page to another by double-pressing the home button.

Image : 3DSwithcer AppSwitcher Animations for iOS

3dswitcher cydia app

3DSwitcher Features :

  • The 3DSwitcher tweak adds 3D animations to the App Switcher screen.
  • The tweak contains six amazing and different animation styles that can be applied easily for adding a 3D effect to the App Switcher. 3dswitcher_cydia_app4
  • After you install the 3DSwitcher tweak, a new preference pane gets added to the stock Settings app. This preference pane is meant specifically for 3DSwitcher and allows you to customize the tweak. 3dswitcher_cydia_app3
  • You can choose your choice of 3D animation style right from inside the preference pane.
  • There is a fade button in the preferences which, when switched on, makes the app icons in the App Switcher fade away when they are not in focus. 3dswitcher_cydia_app0
  • Then there is a rolling option too in the preferences, which enables the app icons to turn around when you swipe the screen.
  • The scale option enables you to reduce the size of the icons when the screen is swiped and the icons move away from the main centre of focus.
  • A reboot is not needed after installing the tweak as it starts working right away; you just have to press the home button twice to see the new 3D animation on the App Switcher.

Video : 3DSwitcher from Cydia in action

Download 3DSwitcher :

The 3DSwitcher tweak is supported on iOS 7 and iOS 8 and costs just $0.99. So if you love customizing your jailbroken iOS device and really want to try out this tweak to add cool new 3D effects to the App Switcher in your device, then you can download it from the below listed repos [fo free]. Please note that these repos also have many other apps, so make sure to check them out too.

To add a repo, go to Cydia > SourcesEdit > Add. Now fill in the repo URL and tap on Add Source.

  • http://repo.insanelyi.com

This repo houses a lot of cracked apps along with legal paid apps too.

  • http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

It offers some WinterBoard and Dreamboard themes along with many games and cracked apps like AndroidLock and iSHShit.

  • http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

This source provides apps like BiteSMS, AndroidLock, MyWi, etc.

  • http://ihackstore.com/repo

A lot of pirated apps including Auxo can be found on this repo.

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