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It’s been a long time coming but, finally, after many beta releases, iOS 10 firmware has been released publicly. The latest firmware from Apple is a big release, full of bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements to speed not to mention all the new features included this time around. With the exception of the very oldest devices, iOS 10 is compatible with everything that went with iOS 9 but not everyone is going to find it an easy firmware to update to, if recent reports are anything to go by.

Image : Stuck at Update Requested iOS 10

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When a new iOS is released, we all want it right away and, with millions of people trying to update at the same time, it is inevitable that something will go wrong. Apple’s server can’t cope with such a large influx at any one time and uses are facing a number of different error messages. The latest error that is being reported is that users are getting stuck at the Update Requested screen and are unable to use their iOS devices.

Fix Stuck On Update Requested in iOS 10 :

  • If your iOS device has been stuck for at least 10 minutes on the Update Requested screen, restart the device and have another go slide_to_power_off
  • If that doesn’t do the trick, restart your iOS device again and do the update via iTunes as it seems to be the better method itunes update iphone

What Causes the Update to Get Stuck ?

The Update Requested screen is a relatively new addition to iOS, introduced alongside iOS 8. The reason behind it was so that Apple could try to manage the high levels of download traffic when the new firmware versions were released. Instead of everyone trying to get their download in at the same time, the idea was to place users into a queue and, in theory, once the download has been requested, t should progress without any further intervention by the user.

Image : iOS 10 OTA Update

ios 10 ota iphone 7

The best thing to do is wait a few days after the initial release and give the servers time to calm down a little and filter everyone through. The only another thing you can do is keep trying to download but do it via iTunes instead of OTA. Failing that, just be patient. You aren’t missing out on anything by waiting a day or two and, in fat, you could be doing yourself a favor – if there are any major issue with the download, you’ll get to hear about them before you attempt to update your device to iOS 10.

Have you experienced this error, or any other while you have been trying to update ? How did you get around it ?

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