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As iOS users wait patiently for evad3rs to release their untethered jailbreak, a brand new one has appeared by the name of RageBreak.  However, no need for people to jump up and down for joy because it’s a tethered jailbreak that will only work on the iPhone 4, GSM and CDMA models.

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RageBreak is based on the current iOS 6.1.3/4 jailbreak tool called Opensn0w that is currently being worked on by Winocm and iH8sn0w.  It uses the old Limera1n exploit that Geohot came up with in 2010 and, because it is a hardware level exploit, it can never be used on anything newer than the iPhone 4.  Because it uses that exploit, it really doesn’t offer anything more than the old jailbreaks used to offer.  All it does it make it  a little easier to use OpenSn0w on iOS 7.0.4.

For those of you who have the iPhone 4 and want to give this jailbreak a go, here’s how to do it.  Please be aware that it is a tethered jailbreak, which means you will need tether your device every time you boot it up.  It is also worth mentioning that, as it is based on an old exploit, some users have experienced RageBreak to be a little buggy. RageBreak only works on Mac OS X at the moment.

However, if you are still prepared to give it a go, follow these steps:

You Will Need:

  • An iPhone 4 – GSM or CDMA – running on iOS 7 – 7.0.4
  • RageBreak for Mac OSX
  • Latest Java Development Kit*

* Links at the bottom of the article.

Please also note that, while RageBreak installs Cydia on your iPhone 4, this is not the official app, it is a modified version.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 using RageBreak on iOS 7.0.4

  1. Download RageBreak and the Java Development Kit
  2. Open RageBreak – you will be presented with a terminal screen ragebreak ios 7 jailbreak
  3. Type “1
  4. RageBreak will now begin the process of building Opensn0w and patching it.
  5. You may be asked to install Xcode – agree as it is a necessary part of the installation
  6. Connect your iPhone 4 to your Mac and, when asked to do so, place the iPhone into DFU:  Hold the Power and Home buttons down simultaneously for 10 seconds.  Release the Power button and continue holding the Home button for another 10 seconds.
  7. Once the Java app has finished running go back to the RageBreak 2.sh window
  8. Press Enter
  9. Type “alpine” as the password and press Enter.  You will need to do this a few times throughout the process.
  10. Once the process s finished press Enter to go back to the RageBreak menu
  11. Place your iPhone 4 back into DFU
  12. Type in “2”, “3” or “4” depending on which middle of iPhone 4 you have.
  13. Your iPhone will reboot in tethered mode, now press Enter again to go back to RageBreak.
  14. Type “5” on the screen and the press Enter – this will install the modified version of Cydia onto your iPhone 4
  15. You will now need to type in your Wi-Fi IP address.  You can find this on your iPhone 4 by opening your Settings app, tapping on Wi-Fi and tapping the “i” beside your Wi-Fi network.  Type the IP address onto the terminal screen and press Enter
  16. Authenticate the Wi-Fi connection by pressing Yes and entering “alpine” as the password
  17. Now enter your iPhone into DFU again and reboot in tethered mode by following step 2 above.
  18. Your iPhone 4 is now jailbroken using RageBreak.

NOTE : Please note that, as this is a tethered jailbreak you will need to repeat the last step every time you reboot your iPhone 4. This is a very long-winded process and you may need to go through it several times before you get it right.  Please also note that, although you will get a modified version of Cydia on your iPhone 4, very few, if any, of the apps will work, as they are not yet compatible with iOS 7.0.4.

We will keep you up to date with news on the untethered jailbreak from evad3rs as and when it becomes available.  In the meantime, follow us on TwitterFacebook and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.

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  1. i have the cydia app for the iphone4 os7 but every time i download anything it doesn’t show up on my screen even the winter board isn’t there but its locked inside of cydia only

  2. Instead of jailbreaking iOS7 why not find out how to downgrade iOS 7x to iOS 6x on iphone4.
    I have saved my IPSW of iOS6x but cannot downgrade… Damn!

  3. why would you use pictures of a iPhone 5s and its not meant for any version of the iPhone 5 its only for the iPhone 4 please stop confusing everyone just tell the truth

  4. Yeah that is right. Y do these dude”S
    Got 2 play all the damm time. If they ain’t
    Making a jailbreak let every1 know. So mutha
    Freaker”s. Can start asking question”s on
    What is the 1st step that must be done?
    Is it login into the iPhone.
    Answer that for me?

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