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Following the 2015 WWDC last week where iOS 9 was unveiled and its beta version made available for developing purposes. Closely came another news that a group of Chinese hackers called K33N (Keen) had already started working on an iOS 9 jailbreak [ext link]. But another news has popped up in the jailbreak community to show that iPhone and iPad jailbreaks is history, and the Apple Watch deserves equal attention. That’s right! An Apple Watch jailbreak is coming, folks! As of now, Apple Watch doesn’t run apps natively, and the developers can create apps only with the WatchKit. But WatchOS 2, which was announced beside iOS 9 at the WWDC, is coming this autumn and bringing native app development for the Apple Watch. The limitations will still be there and the core user interface cannot be manipulated. This can be a pain for those who want to customize their devices. For them, jailbreaking is back to work on the Apple Watch!

Image : Keen Jailbreak iOS 9 and Apple Watch

keen jailbreak ios 9 cydia

Hacking the Apple Watch :

The UIKit, the framework used by developers to create iOS apps, cannot be used to modify the UI of the Watch to create a customized app experience. Thus, the developers are limited to the stock layouts of WatchKit.

Twitter : The following tweet from Steve TS the jailbreaker who hacked into Appel Watch [source]

iwatch jailbreak ios 9

There has been a huge accomplishment over the weekend with regards to hacking the Apple Watch. Developers Adam Bell, Jay Freeman  [ Saurik– responsible for Cydia ], and Steve Troughton recently posted proofs of a totally interactive 3D model being rendered on the Apple Watch in real time by using Apple’s SceneKit framework, instead of being stuck with the WatchKit choices.

This demonstration is adequate enough to prove that developers can break the WatchKit barriers and use other code to develop apps for the Watch which Apple would not allow in their App Store. In simple words, an Apple Watch jailbreak is imminent in the near future. As far as the above stated demonstration is concerned, the watch is running WatchOS 2 undoubtedly and the 3D model has been installed with developer certificates via UDID registration. The important fact to know, however, is that Apple Watch is ready to be jailbroken into.

The Apple Watch Jailbreak :

All in all, the jailbreak community is showcasing a lot of progress, and in case a major development such as an Apple Watch jailbreak is made available to the public, the Apple Watch sales will surely bounce sky high to increase the interest of the public in the device.

Video : Apple Watch Jailbreak in Action

But as of now, a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 and iOS 9, which is yet to launch publicly, is heavily awaited, and any potential Apple Watch jailbreak will be released only after that. Apple Watch is co-dependent on the iPhone heavily, so any unapproved code is likely to be originated from the iOS. This means that the iPhone will be needed to be jailbroken first before jailbreaking the Apple Watch. This is where we can turn out attention to the iOS 9 and the Keen Team’s plan to jailbreak it, which would undoubtedly be the first step towards the Apple Watch jailbreak and the mass evolution of the device.

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