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September is traditionally a time for new releases and updates for Apple systems and, alongside iOS 10, the Cupertino company will also be updating Mac OS and Watch OS. They have also just released an update for iTunes. Now on v12.5.1, the new download is for both the Mac and Windows and contains the normal enhancements and improvements that we have come to expect with these releases, along with a few other features.

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iTunes 12.5.1 Features :

Alongside the ability to work seamlessly with iOS 10, the latest version of iTunes contains :

  • A brand new UI for Apple Music, providing a simpler and clearer user experience
  • Enhancements specific to Mac OS Sierra, including the ability to use voice control to play music stored in your Library or in Apple Music and Siri enhancements
  • New PiP – Picture-in-Picture – allowing you to multitask seamlessly, watching video while you work and from within apps. The video will float in the corner of your screen.


Now that iOS 10 download [ext link] is available for immediate download via OTA and iTunes, be aware that there are going to be a large number of devices connecting up to iTunes in the coming days, as people rush to download the latest operating system. Although the latest iTunes update does contain support for iOS 10, that won’t solve the issues with Apple’s servers struggling to cope with the influx so be prepared for a wait.

Jailbreak Update :

Right now the latest jailbreak is PPHelper for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3. We cannot give you any news on an iOS 10 jailbreak [ext link], partly because the new operating system has only just been released and partly because Pangu will now need time to examine the firmware and determine if it can be jailbroken or not. If you do not want to lose your current jailbreak, do not update to iOS 10. Also , Luca has already released proof that he had jailbroken and install Cydia iOS 10.

Download iTunes :

You can update to iTunes 12.5.1 by clicking on this link here [ext link] and downloading the new version. Alternatively, you can do it through iTunes itself on your computer:

  1. Open iTunes iTunes open iphone 6
  2. Click on the taskbar and select Check for Updates from the drop down menuitunes update mac
  3. iTunes will now check for any updates
  4. When it finds the new version, a pop-up window will appear – follow the instructions to update iTunes itunes-12-5-1

We expect the next update to iTunes to be released alongside iOS 10.1 later in 2016. Until then, users can update to the latest version either through the Updates tab on iTunes, through the Mac app store or direct from the internet.

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