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Apple has been busy again, releasing several updates in the last few days including Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 and iOS 10.2 download [ext link] . As usual, to complement the new releases and provide support for the updates, iTunes has also been updated to v12.5.4, some 6 weeks or so after the last update. This is a bigger release this time around with new features added as well as the usual enhancements and bug fixes.

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Features of iTunes 12.5.4 :

Two new features make their debut this time around:

  1. Support for the TV app that has just gone live in iOS 10.2 and TV OS 10.1. The app is a convenient one-stop shop for bringing together video apps from multiple providers into one single interface
  2. Touch Bar support for the MacBook Pro 2016, including a Scrubber control on the Touch Bar that can be used to navigate backward and forwards through music, videos, TV shows, etc. that are played through iTunes
  3. Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

Below are the steps on how to update to iTunes 12.5.4 and, if you haven’t updated to iOS 10.2 yet, you can find a tutorial complete with download links here.

Download iTunes :

You can update to iTunes 12.5.4 by clicking on this link here [ext link] and downloading the new version. Alternatively, you can do it through iTunes itself on your computer:

  1. Open iTunes iTunes open iphone 6
  2. Click on the taskbar and select Check for Updates from the drop down menuitunes update mac
  3. iTunes will now check for any updates
  4. When it finds the new version, a pop-up window will appear , follow the instructions to update iTunes

We expect the next update to iTunes to be released alongside iOS 10.2.1 in 2017. Until then, users can update to the latest version either through the Updates tab on iTunes, through the Mac app store or direct from the internet.

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