iPhone 5s – Cydia Download

All across the jailbreak community people are patiently waiting for no less than two different jailbreaks to be released.  First up, evad3rs are diligently working away on the iOS 7 untethered tool while those on iOS 6.1.3 are eagerly awaiting the release of their untethered jailbreak.

Image : Cydia on iPhone 5S

iphone 5s cydia icon

The only jailbreak that has been released in recent times is one called RageBreak. However, this is a tool that makes use of the old Limera1n exploit and, as such, only works on the iPhone 4.  However, it hasn’t really been a successful release; many people are complaining of issues surrounding the jailbreak including some that have had their iPhone4’s bricked by the software.

We have also heard recently that, with iOS 7.1, currently in beta form, Apple may have been successful in patching jailbreak exploits. Until this has been determined for certain, people are advised not to upgrade to 7.1.

While you are waiting for the jailbreaks, there is a way to get the Cydia icon on to the Home screen of your iOS 7 iPhone 5S.  Please note – this is only an icon, not an actual jailbreak.  Have a look at this video showing you how to do it:

How to Download Cydia :

  1. From your Home screen, open Safari browser
  2. Now open up cydiaios7.com
  3. A list of articles will appear, choose any one and open it
  4. At the bottom of the screen is an Add to Home Screen icon – tap this
  5. Shut down Safari and the Cydia icon will be on your Home screen.

Video : Tutorial

For those of you who have not upgraded their firmware beyond iOS 6.1.2 and have not yet applied a jailbreak to your device, you can still do so by using evasi0n.  We have full guides for you to follow to safely download evasi0n on to your device – you can find them here.

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