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With iOS 7 well on the way to being released publicly next month, it’s time to turn our attention to the iOS 7 jailbreak. Let’s break the subject down a little and take a look at what’s happened in the past and what’s going on now.

iOS 7 – To Jailbreak or Not ?

evasion jailbreak ios 7

Work on an untethered jailbreak utility began a couple of months ago, when iOS 7 was initially revealed to us. On June 10th the developers got their first taste of what was to come and began looking deep into it, to find out what holes were there for a jailbreak to be successfully built. As time has gone on, the betas have been released at a regular rate, giving the developers more information to play with. We are now on beta 6, with possibly just the GM version to go before public release.

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Who will Release iOS 7 Jailbreak ?

We know that we have 2 main contenders to produce the necessary utility needed to Jailbreak iOS 7. First up is Team Evad3rs. They built the hugely successful Evasi0n utility, to jailbreak iOS 6-6.1.2 and they have confirmed that they are in the process of updating Evasi0n to support iOS 7. One team member, Pod2g, was initially so disgusted with iOS 7 that he tweeted he was seriously considering a move to Android. However, he’s still there and still working on the iOS 7 jailbreak so it can’t be all bad.

Tweeting Crazy iOS Jailbreakers :


The second contender is P0sixninja, ex Chronic Dev. team leader, responsible for utilities like Absinthe and GreenPois0n. He has been extremely vocal on Twitter in recent months, starting off by tweeting whenever he found another exploit and eventually telling us, in uncertain terms, that iOS 7 was his.  Since then he has hinted at more than an iOS 7 jailbreak, something along the lines of a bootrom jailbreak, pretty much what Redsn0w is.  This was followed by a public Twitter brawl between P0sixninja and another well-respected developer, Muscle nerd, during which it emerged that it won’t be a bootrom exploit, instead it will be an open jailbreak repo, a place where developers can place their code and have their say in what happens in future jailbreaks.

Is it the End of iOS 7 Jailbreak ?

evasion download

Not at all. In fact, this is just the beginning of a new era for the jailbreak community. With a brand new firmware to play with, we can expect  the iOS 7 jailbreak  to be something special. Stay tuned for more news.

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119 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. Ft says:

    It is soooo nice and cool that there is going to be a jailbreak for ios 7 after all! But you know what? Soon the jailbreak will be obsolet at sertian point (not for everyone) as they update the ios they will be including more and more stuff from jailbreal apps. Some will be confostable and wont see any reason, others (like me) will jailbreak anyway cuz there is always gonna be something that miss on the ios but on time eventually apple will include. Plus JB apps devs are getting out ideas, there is nothing that it worth at the moment on cydia and majority of the best app that are out there wont be necesary any more with the ios7… So its a matter of time…

    • Hermes says:

      For someone who is trying to get there point across your grammer *certainly could use some work. It amazes me how despite this you didn’t consider the use of commas as *obsolete as your writing.

      • James says:

        It’s ‘grammar!’ smart a*se! It’s not so much their grammar as the spelling that’s atrocious! Not being a grammar/spelling nazi either but some of the words just don’t make sense. It’s not even text speak but just plain wrong!

      • To James says:

        James youre f*cking dumb. grammar and spelling is the EXACT same thing

      • joe says:

        Grammar and Spelling are NOT the same thing. Grammar mistakes: I go buy five drink for my 5 childs. Spelling mistakes: I goe buy five drenks for my childern.

      • Brendy says:

        You all, except the last reply, are truly retarded and represent the epitome of our ever-growing, uneducated youth. It truly is sad in this world that no one can write well anymore.

        I grew up in California, and they didn’t even teach grammar to us. When I was 7, I moved to Sugar Land, TX, and that is when I experienced academic shock. While I was in California writing little picture-book stories and having show-and-tell, people in Texas were actually learning. In Texas, the school system separated English from Reading classes. All of the literary analysis was done in the Reading courses, while all of the grammar was taught in the English courses. Suffice to say, I received a much better education there, comparing public schools to public schools. When I came back to California, I would ask people if they knew about adverbs, gerunds, past participates, verb (and irregular verb) conjugation, proper punctuation, conjunctions, objects of prepositions, and yes, even SUBJECTS AND PREDICATES, and I would get a blank stare. I love to correct people if they write something like, “Its funner to play the drums real good and your just jealous of me,” and retort with, “You mean…It’s more fun to play the drums when you are really good, and you’re jealous of me.”

        I remember that all the Asians at UCI couldn’t write to save their lives, and I would make sure they knew this by correcting almost every single word in their essays during peer review. They would get a higher grade than me in some cases, and when I complained, the teacher would say, “Well, they are not from this country, so I am very forgiving for bad grammar. Their ideas are what matter.” I feel like teachers like that need to be shot in the head because intelligent people have to try to communicate with these people later in the workplace. As a software engineer, being able to speak and write perfectly is a very appealing trait to employers. For all you Asians out there, notice how I didn’t say “perfec-Ry”, and also, that, my friends, is what we call an “adverb”.

      • burhan says:

        ok he made some grammar mistakes but he’s got nice handwritting…

      • Brant says:

        I’m guessing Brendy is an absolute pleasure -- there are so few of us perfect people walking around. It’s no surprise to read the rave reviews for the education system in Texas -- obviously it’s an excellent system. How else could they rank high on the list of states whose residents do not graduate high school.

      • Lexy says:

        Hermes please do not talk about proper grammar and whatnot. It’s THEIR and GRAMMAR. Learn to spell first before you attempt to correct someone on THEIR GRAMMAR you effin internet grammar police lmao

      • Jamie says:

        Brendy sounds exactly like those ugly fat white chicks i knew growing up. I would love to see you trying to learn an Asian language. With your tiny white brain I bet you probably will have a hard time learning, far worse than an Asian trying to learn English. Am always amazed by how so outspoken hillbillies are when it comes to their racist views.

      • To Joe says:

        Dear Joe

        “Grammar and Spelling are NOT the same thing. Grammar mistakes: I go buy five drink for my 5 childs. Spelling mistakes: I goe buy five drenks for my childern.”

        5 children.. Not childs

      • Pras says:

        It’s ‘Their’ not ‘There’, in this case.. Amazing that the ignorant love correcting others’ ignorance.. Yeah, go and check my grammar if you want to waste more time feeling inferior.

      • CJ says:

        ignorance is bliss

      • CJ says:

        ignorance is bliss in this case

      • EnglishPolice says:

        You are all f**king idiots, unless like me, you have won a PULITZER!

        Grammar is sentence syntax (Noun, Subject, Verb; or depending where you were educated, Verb, Noun, Subject -- as in my first sentence and first paragraph!)

        Spelling can be grammatically correct, but the idiot writing such prose has never opened a dictionary or doesn’t understand that words with a read underline are misspelled.

        And yes, you can have bad spelling and perfect grammar, and still no (not know) one will understand a word you are saying!


      • EnglishPolice says:

        For those who did not catch it, it is RED, not read!

        That is an example of something spelled correctly and not grammatically correct. Because the read means to read. Red is a color!

    • Kyle says:

      James you truly are a dumba$$

      • KITTEN says:

        You are BOTH idiots- This is about jail breaking , not 2nd grade.If you are so desperate for attention that you must scour the post: just to find someones error-you need a life.

        Honestly, who are you to waste the time that other people use to find useful information? Do not be so truculent..I am guessing you have no idea what that means and feel slightly insulted yet also embarrassed. If not, you should be..
        Hermes? were your parents huge IKEA fans? and James..don’t be so defense, makes you look like a little wanker.

    • kmdu59 says:

      no cydia will always b needed because it is the only way to tether without paying for a tether option on your device also you can theme and mod the shit out of your device so it will allways be nice to use

      • Frank says:

        I think you mean,
        “No, Cydia will always be needed because it is the only way to tether without paying for a tether option on your device. Also, you can theme and mod the shit out of your device, so it will always be nice to use.”

    • Frank says:

      I try not to pull people up on their S&G too much, but this makes me cringe. Please correct it.

      On a brighter note, what you’re saying IS true.

    • corrector says:

      Did you use google translate, just asking because that made hardly any sense :)

  2. Tim Cook says:

    Very interesting.

  3. Ironman says:

    Good news!! Lost my jailbreak during a bootloop. Dealing with a stock idevice stinks.

  4. Wtf? says:

    I cant jailbreak ios 7 it stand plug out device and turn off passcode and i dont have a passcode!

  5. mgmaungayethant says:

    i need jailbreak ios7 & cydia installer

  6. ios 7 jailbreak says:

    you can jailbreak ios 7 now

  7. ios 7 jailbreak says:

    you can jailbreak ios 7 now.

  8. JaySlash says:

    How do i jailbreak ios 7 please on beta is it really possible?

  9. Aex says:

    One it’s not right now cuz r
    Dev teams need apples latest phone and those who support iOS 7 to look for holes in it to jailbreak so until public realse if there. Is iOS 7s beta will prabliy put your phone into recovery mode because with every iOS beta apple Has put some very tuff security to protect its coding from hackers and for Compton like android and blackberry

  10. I phonei says:

    Thank youuuuu

  11. Tan says:

    Can I jailbreak iOS 7

  12. KITTEN says:

    FYI- Spelling and Grammar are NOT the same thing. Did you even get past 6th grade?

    • araujo says:

      A ortografia é a parte da gramática normativa que ensina a escrever corretamente as palavras de uma língua definindo, nomeadamente, o conjunto de símbolos (letras e sinais diacríticos), a forma como devem ser usados, a pontuação, o uso de maiúsculas, etc.Resumindo, é a forma de escrever corretamente.

      “Gramática”, como alguém já disse, “é a arte de colocar as palavras certas nos lugares certos”.

      • jack says:

        ^^^^^^^^ what he said

      • MRS Jones (GR 4 teacher) says:

        Now now children. Sit back down and stop arguing! I will have to send you to detention if this type of arguing continues. SHUT THE F*#K UP ABOUT GRAMMAR!!! el stupido

  13. charles says:

    Grammar is the difference between, feeling your nuts and feeling your nuts.
    But off that subject, does anyone know how to get ahold of evasions ios 7 jailbreak without going through all of those pointless sign up for this bull shit?

    • Rufus says:

      Something tells me you meant to say, “Grammar is the difference between, ‘feeling your nuts’ and, ‘feeling you’re nuts'”… Not the same sentence twice xD

  14. Aleksey says:

    Today 6-th of October ,i’waiting for the jail break,like for nothing else!!!,somewhere I so the date-18 oct 2013 jail will be release ,but….

  15. Mr.Macho says:

    God damn, does any one know how to jailbreak iOS 7.0.2?????

    • Eugeniusz says:

      Okkk So i will tell you how to create an apple aouccnt WITHOUT CREDIT CARD AND THAT STUFF!!1-> firstly go to itunes.2-> Then go to the app store WIHTOUT logging in ur apple id3-> Then just download any free app of course it will ask u to log in then from u will have the option to create a new aouccnt just go and create the aouccnt from there then click next and you will see a none option available beside the paypal visa and stuff like that4 > Just click it and u will be able to create a new aouccnt without apple id!!!!!!! enjoyhave fun .

  16. JazzyJeff says:

    Yeah I know!!!!

    • Frank says:

      No you don’t. There is no iOS 7 jailbreak at this stage.

      • Molly says:

        When did they ever say they know there is a jailbreak? They just said they know. They could be agreeing with another comment indirectly, or agreeing with the post itself. You may not have meant it in this way, but your comment came across as rather rude and inconsiderate. You also seemed quite ignorant, so please, think before you comment.

  17. Gökmen says:

    Hi guy I have iphone 4s how ı can jailbreak and if ı do my bateri how its same like ios7 or not

    • Molly says:

      Hi, if you are on IOS 7, you cannot currently jailbreak. The same applies to 6.1.4, but if you are on 6..0 -- 6.1.2, you can jailbreak here:

      Your battery should stay the same, unless you download any Cydia tweaks which cause it to go down faster.

  18. Alan says:

    Never mind the jailbreak, I will be downgrading as soon as I’m able.. I don’t like the look of this drab bland and generally historic looking iOS. Wish I had stayed jail broken on my 5.2.1 now. Bi crossed over to the dark side for a while onto the galaxy nice OP But something drew me back to my trusty iphone 4.

  19. duncan says:

    I’m guessing there are some contributors on this thread who don’t have english as a first language & who are completely at the mercy of what they pick up from other native-english illiterates all over the netz, & also the online translation services that have always struggled to parse grammatical structures from some of the world’s more exotic languages. whatever, this is neither the time nor the place. the general gist of the posts is easy enough to grasp without nailing someone onto the cross for their Ps & Qs.
    grow up, people.
    my iphone 4 is on 6.1.2 & my iphone 4s is on 5.1.1, both JBd. they will stay that way until I can be sure that I can make them look & feel the same on iOS7. watch this space.

  20. tofik solanki says:

    i need download jaibreak i cant download that

  21. Isaiah says:

    Kik me at SkyWalk22 for link to new jailbreak!

  22. Justin says:

    I like to jailbreak

  23. CHINOCOCHINO says:

    who is excited about ios 7 jailbreak?!!! :3

  24. Anonymous says:

    When are they going to release jail breaking for iOS 7?? I really want to get 10000000 coins in fun run and other games. I’m bored af.

  25. Darkshadow500 says:

    Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this f**king forum, anyways to those of you who dont know cydias all f**ked up, and Jay Freeman(Saurik) is having issues getting it running on ios7… And hopefully after he fixes that then the developers will prolly still get first dibbs at it anyway, so they can build dev hacks and apps for cydia packages. General public release is a ways away still, boy was i a dumb f**k for believing winocm would have a jailbreak for ios 6.1.3 in the next month or so like a month or so ago…. FML!!! I think ima switch to an android, they pee pee on CR-APPLE!!!

  26. Jake says:

    I need this iOS7 jailbreak, I’m getting so bored with my apps D: I NEED IT FOR SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT!

  27. Nasser always hi says:

    You crazy not good

  28. Asia falcon says:

    I need

    • Marc Vee says:

      The developers are already jailbroken. They have to test a couple weeks before releasing to the public. Good luck and Go CHiCaGo BuLLs!

  29. TMF1981 says:

    Hi guys,

    I have an iphone5 which is jail broken 6.1.2. Recently I have had endless bugs and faults flicking screens and problems with Siri and Voice Control.

    This I feel can be for two reasons, installing IPA games directly through WINSCP or through deleting these games directly of my phone through WINSCP. 7

    If anyone can help or give practical advice please reply.

  30. XIII says:

    Guys please who understand how to down cydia into iphone 4 with upgread 7.0,3 please theach me, with proper ways, dont joke or lyeing. please i need to know all the step. cos since 2 month i looking for the cydia but no onw can give the proper answer. should i jailbreeak 1st or not, which my phone already unlock since long time, cos i had cydia be4 after up great now i cant put the cydia back on the phone. please guys..


  31. iPhone 4 says:

    Hello, I have a iPhone 4 and am using iOS 7.0.3, what I am wondering is there a way I can jailbreak this phone running the current iOS ? Thanks

  32. Pras says:

    I just wanted to laugh at all the fools posting here -- please help me I want an iOS 7 jailbreak. I want a quantum battery for my phone but you don’t hear me bitching about it! Just wait or donate to Evad3rs if you’re that bothered. Just STFU with the whining already.

  33. Ben says:

    I am jailbroken just use ragebreak for windows or mac not much on there yet a bit buggy but it works so download and watch the tutorial by icrackuridevice!

  34. Help says:

    those sponsored links are coverd with god damn ads >:C

    Sorry bad english can somebody copy links in comment? plz C:

  35. badkneegrows says:

    No jailbreak yet?

  36. XweAponX says:

    just in case cult of droid hasn’t infested this melee yet… Droid sucks!

  37. ashley says:

    i have the iphone 4s ios7
    for the past week I have watches hours of youtube and read pages of websites trrying to figure out how to jail break for free
    I wouldn’t care using my computer.. anyways,
    I just really want it jail broken so that I could customize my phone to match me
    and I just cant figure it out for free
    if ANYONE know how or what to do pleaseeee let me know I would love yall forever!
    please help me figure this head smashing jailbreak

  38. Mahmod says:

    Help me cydia iOS 7 iPad dawnload

  39. Lhv says:


  40. aland says:

    how can i downlaod the cydia for my iphone 4g how?????
    please call me about it…. thank you

  41. Olaa says:

    How I can di it

  42. Amin says:

    Plzz help me out. I have iPod touch , I have an apple I’d , same as given but when I download shtmog it’s says review ur Id but when I do it thr is no such option as ‘none’ I even tried ur way by changing my country option as US but still then ‘none’ option did not appear plzz help me out vid

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