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Last week, on September 18th, iOS 7 was finally made public and, since then, has been downloaded onto more than 200 million separate devices.  Since we were given the date for public release we have been looking a little closer at the possibilities for an untethered iOS 7 jailbreak.

Image : iOS 6.1.4 jailbreak Update

iphone 5 ios 6.1.4 jailbreak

Evasion Jailbreak iOS 7 Progress :

Evad3rs, the team responsible for the hugely successful iOS 6 jailbreak, evasi0n, are working on upgrading that utility to support iOS 7. They are making progress and have recently managed to break through the security in iOS 7 to start poking away at the kernel. However, that said, don’t get too excited because there won’t be a utility released just yet. There is still a great deal of work to be done and, if we want a proper working untethered utility, these things cannot be rushed.

Image : Evad3rs tweet about iOS 7 Jailbreak Development . Read more 

ios 7.0.2 jailbreak

ios 7 jailbreak iphone 5s

Months ago, all of the main developers announced that they would not be working on a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 or  6.1.4, basically because they wanted to save their resources for the more major upgrade of iOS 7. However, as we have already reported, another developer who goes by the name of Winocm has been working on a tool that will untether jailbreaks for both of those firmwares. Indeed, we have already seen  video of the jailbreak working on aniPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4 and an iPhone 4S on 6.1.3.

Image : Winocm tweet about iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Progress

ios 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak evasion

However, this is another jailbreak that will not be released in the very near future because it is buggy and still needs a lot of work doing to it. It is a huge progress for those who have stayed on iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 though as it means that they will be able to jailbreak their devices at some point soon. The main issues being faced with the utility are apps deleting themselves and  iMessage and FaceTime Activation issues.

iOS 7 Downgrade Not Possible :

Those who updated to iOS 7 will probably be a little disappointed because they cannot downgrade their devices – Apple has now stopped signing both 6.1.3 and 6.1.4. And, some are still asking the question – why bother providing a jailbreak for such small upgrades? Why waste the exploits when they could be used on iOS 7 ?  The answers are simple – to those who have these firmwares, they are not minor upgrades and the exploits that have been used don’ work on iOS 7.

Image : Cydia Jailbreak on iOS 7 – iPhone 5 running Activator App

cydia ios 7 jailbreak activator

Back to the subject of the iOS 7 jailbreak, a few issues have arisen in that Cydia, Winterboard and MobileSubstrate do not work on iOS 7. This is a major hurdle for the developers to get over because, without these, there is little point in building a jailbreak utility.

Another issue that has arisen is with iTunes. The new version, 11.1 has been released to coincide with iOS 7. When you use iTunes to restore your device it talks to Apple’s authentication servers. iTunes 11.1 will not allow custom firmware restores on A4 or lower devices that are running iOS 7. One developer, iH8Sn0w is working on a  fix for this to be integrated in iFaith and Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tools in the future.

In the meantime the only advice we can give to all users is to sit tight and wait. Remember that evasi0n took 5 months to successfully build and test so don’t get too disappointed if the new jailbreaks are not released immediately.

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