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August 23rd and 24th were the dates for the WWJC –the Worldwide Jailbreak Conference. The event took place in New York City at the Radisson Hotel and was well attended by many of the most prominent developers and hackers in the jailbreak community, along with some promising newcomers as well.

Image : iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak on iPhone 5

ios 7 cydia download

One of the highlights was a workshop by Ryan Petrich, developer of popular tweaks such as Activator, DeepEnd and ProSwitcher, where he announced the return of the popular Tweak Week.  The last time this event was run, a total of 9 developers took part. This year, already there are more than 20 on board.

So, what is Tweak Week ?

It’s a community project where developers get together and release one free opens source tweak every day for a period of a week. Ryan Petrich himself will take the first week, followed by the other developers, each taking a week in turn.

At the last Tweak Week, a total of 60 separate tweaks were released over a 9 week period. This time, with at least 20 developers, and quite possibly more to join in, it could last well over 5 months with at least 140 tweaks being released.

Image : iOS 7 Control centre on iPhone 5

ios 7 cydia iphone 5

Some of the more notable tweaks from the previous event included FaceForward from chpwn, PrivateSMS, SMSHideKeyboard and many, many more. There are no clues as to what is going to be released this time around but with names like Petrich, Jack Willis, Adam Bell and Filippo Bigarella on board, expect to see some good stuff being released – and all for free.

Don’t get too excited just yet though.  Tweak Week will only start once the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 is released, and nobody knows when that will be.  This can be seen as a good thing though – iOS 7 has so much more to offer developers than iOS 6 did which could mean we are going to be seeing some pretty special tweaks coming out.

Petrich has already shared a screenshot with his, showing his iPod Touch apparently jailbroken on iOS 7, running his own Activator Tweak. However, it was more likely that this was a failbreak, a jailbreak that cannot be publicly released for legal reasons and licensing issues.

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