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Recently a tweeted image was spotted from upstanding member of the jailbreak community, rPetrich. The image showed his iPod Touch 5 with a screenshot of his own tweak, Activator, not being able to run because the iOS system was “too new”.  The image also shows several iOS 7 icons as well as Activator. If the image came from outsider it could easily be faked but, because of who posted it, it could possibly be seen as a genuine image of a device jailbroken on iOS 7.

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We have yet to hear any more from Ryan Petrich on the subject but it has been mooted that the picture could be showing what is known as a Failbreak. This is a jailbreak that cannot be issued to the public because of legal issues and the requirement for an official developers account.

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Not all of the developers and hackers are quite so enamoured of iOS 7. Pod2g, for example has already said that he is seriously considering a move to Android because he is “so disgusted by iOS 7”.  Apple, of course, will do everything they can to stop hackers from producing a jailbreak for iOS 7.  This is just one of the reasons why there will not be an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak until after the firmware has been released to the public.

Apple revealed iOS 7 to the world on 10th June during their keynote speech at WWDC.  As well as a complete overhaul in the design stakes, they have also upgraded many of the stock apps and added some new features which look to have been borrowed from jailbreak tweaks.  These include the new Control Center and the revamped Notification Center and App Switcher.

Officially, iOS 7 should be available in around September with the new iPhone. In the meantime, iOS 7 Beta 3 for developers is expected tomorrow.

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  1. ios 7 cydia says:

    i hope cydia jailbreaking will be continueous……..please

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    Como realizar jailbreak

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    Hope ios 7 jailbreak works still

  4. zaid says:

    when launched ios7 cydia tell fix date

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    When u can jailbreak ios7.0.3

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    Pls release jailbreak .im waiting pls cydi

  9. Vanshchopra says:

    In a million years

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    I can back ios 6. Very EASY for me but very hata for you

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