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Next month we are expecting to see the public release of iOS 7 along with at least one, if not two, new iPhone’s [iPhone 5S Gold and iPhone 5C]. Once the firmware has been rolled out, the developers  may be able to give us a little more information on the untethered iOS 7 jailbreak and tell us when we will can Download Cydia on iOS 7.

About Cydia :

cydia history download ios 7

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For those that are new to the scene and don’t know much about Cydia, it was first released in 2008 to replace the OS 1.1 Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik, was the man behind Cydia and still is to this day.  Cydia is an open source app store, a jailbreakers version of the official Apple app store, containing thousands of apps, tweaks, mods and themes, many of which are free.

Cydia on iOS 7 Update :

There isn’t a model of iOS device that Cydia cannot be used on – if it can be jailbroken Cydia will be there to make life easier, for consumers and developers alike.  Just as an aside, the name Cydia is derived from the Codling Moth – scientific name Cydia Pomonella. Because it is a pest that burrows into fruit it is often used, in cartoons and drawings, as the proverbial “worm in the Apple”.

Image : Cydia User Interface on iOS 7 Concept


Although there is definitely going to be one, we don’t know for sure who is going to release the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. P0sixninja has been quite vociferous in his claims that he will be the one; on the other hand, evad3rs are updating evasi0n to support iOS 7 as well. However, evad3rs are keeping somewhat quiet on the subject at the moment, perhaps because they don’t want to show their hands too early. One of the team members, Pod2g, was not impressed with iOS 7 initially, even going so far as to threaten a move to Android. However, as time, and betas, have moved on, things have settled down a little and hopefully, very soon he will be able to give us some information on the utility and when we can download Cydia on iOS 7.

Installing Cydia Icon on your iPhone :

cydia ios 7 download iphone 5

You can put cydia icon on your iPhone 5 home screen running iOS 7 . Please note that this does not jailbreak your device . It only brings the Cydia icon on your homescreen so you can spoof your friends into believing that you have Cydia on your phone and its jailbroken.

  1. Use your iPhone and launch Safari browser
  2. Open our site install cydia ios 7 (1)
  3. Now tap on the UP arrow icon in the bottom of the screen
  4. This will bring up the option to add it in your home screen . Tap on that icon install cydia ios 7 (3)
  5. Now you have to name the icon . You can name it “Jailbreak” or “Cydia” depending on your choice .install cydia ios 7 (2)
  6. Now tap on your home button and go to your homescreen. You should see the new Cydia icon added to your device . download cydia ios 7

YouTube Video explaining the above process in details , step by step .

We will keep you fully updated with news on both iOS and the untethered jailbreak. When it finally arrives we will have full step-by-step guides for you to follow on how to safely download Cydia on iOS 7. We will also tell you how to use Cydia and the best repos to use.

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