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Back in December 2014, a new alternative to Cydia appeared. It was called iMods and, as it was then, it is still in development. They did, however, say at the time that they would be releasing the new store in January. Well, January is over and it isn’t here yet but there has been a development. Update : Check out the Official iMods page [ext link] for more details about iMods download .

Image : iMods Download Coming Soon

imod download

Comex, a developer who has been absent from the jailbreak scene for some time, has joined the iMods team. Comex is known for the famous JailbreakMe 3.0 , a utility that didn’t need a computer for it to be installed. We have learned that he is working on something called Substitute, an alternative to Cydia Substrate, required for tweaks to work on specific platforms.   Substrate used to be open-source but is now closed, meaning iMods could not use it for their own store.

Substitute Now Available :

The source code for Substitute has been posted on GitHub [ext link] but, at this moment, it does not work properly and is only really of any use to those who want to get a look inside Substitute and how it differs, or not, to Substrate. It looks like iMods is going for a sleeker look than Cydia and looks almost like the iOS app store on iOS 8.

While iMods does look pretty good in the recent video, which you can see below, what it looks and performs like in real life is a different matter. And we still don’t have any official word on when iMods is going to be released but, with Comex now working for them, it’s a sure bet that the timing is going to be pushed along somewhat and we may see a release fairly soon.

Video : iMods First Official Trailer

Saurik, owner of Cydia, has effectively turned his back on iMods, following a lengthy response he made to some of their comments on his own blog and it looks like there is just a little bit of drama ahead of use. Whatever the case, there will be those who see competition as healthy – do you or will you stay loyal to Saurik and Cydia ?

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