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The iOS community is crazy about jailbreaking for the real exciting things that it lets the users do with their iOS devices. Jailbreaking lets you install apps and tweaks outside the App Store and thus you get a lot of customization options with jailbreaking. Cydia is an integral and the most important part of jailbreaking, as it is the tweak store that all of us use to make changes to our jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

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It has been a long time since Cydia came out and it is so powerful that no other app has been able to replace this tweak store. However, it looks like things are going to change in the jailbreak scene as Cydia is going to face some tough competition. We have already told you about Extensify which lets you install tweaks to your apps on stock iOS, without jailbreaking. Now another player called iMods has entered the scene.

Is iMods Better Than Cydia ?

iMods has been in making for long and now the developer has posted a new video walkthrough of the app. Unlike Extensify which just tweaks apps on stock iOS, iMods is competing directly with Cydia as it aims to be a tweak store for jailbroken iOS devices with better features. iMods wants to become a Cydia alternative with features like video previews, ratings, prettier UI, etc.


Honestly speaking, iMods does impress in the new walkthrough video below . It takes you through each and every process, like how to navigate through several areas of the app, how to install tweaks, etc. It does look very good in the preview, even though its real test will be when we get to try it out.

This is not a first time that Cydia has faced competition, as a lot of its alternatives have tried to take the lead in the last few years. However, something makes us think that iMods will really be a successful alternative. We say this because we know that a well-respected, validated, and popular hacker, Comex, is helping with the project. We have no clue about the depth of Comex’s involvement with iMods, but he surely is making things better.

Video : iMods beta in action

Cydia, however, has not remained outdated and has been regularly updated in the past few months. Cydia is open now and allows jailbreak developers to create new Cydia-centric tweaks. Several UX and UI enhancements have also been given to Cydia over time.

iMods Download :

download imods app homescreen iphone

As it turns out to be, iMods is still in closed beta testing . iMods Download [ links and tutorial coming up – ext link ] is expected in a month , because the iMods team is actually targeting the summer-end for a release. As we all know, 22nd September is the end of summer, so iMods may release in a month or so. Stay tuned !




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