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When Evad3rs released Evasi0n just before Christmas, everyone was a little baffled by the fact that it just appeared, with no fanfare or announcement.  However, that didn’t stop users rushing to download it but it hasn’t been a trouble-free jailbreak.  A number of users have complained of different issues but we have a few tips to help you try to fix some of them.

Image : Stuck in Apple Logo

stuck at apple logo iphone 6

Stuck on Apple Logo :

This seems to have been a common problem among those who downloaded the jailbreak. The most likely cause of this is because you upgraded your iOS firmware using the OTA method – a big no-no if you are intending to jailbreak.

In fairness to the users who did this, nobody was aware that the jailbreak was going to be released quite so quickly, indeed it wasn’t really expected until around February time.  However, to get out of the problem:

  1. Do a Hard Reset – hold your HOME and POWER buttons down for 10 seconds and then run the jailbreak again.  dfu iphone 6 plus ios 9
  2. If that doesn’t work, connect your device to your PC, place your device into DFU – Hold down the POWER and HOME buttons for 10 seconds, release POWER, continue holding HOME until a Device in Recovery message appears in iTunes. Restore your device from a backup – hopefully you made one before you applied the jailbreak. restore ios 7.0.3 recovery mode (2)
  3. If that doesn’t work, evad3rs have now released 2 updates to Evasi0n 7 – v1.0.1 which removes Taig from the jailbreak and v1.0.2 which is for the iPad 2 only. Try installing one of these and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you will have to restore and then wait for the next update from evad3rs.

Endless Reboot Loop :

The problem of an endless reboot is commonly caused by tweaks that don’t work properly. The issue has been caused by MobileSubstrate, something that a good many jailbreak tweaks rely on to work properly.  MobileSubstrate was not compatible with the first version of evasi0n7 however, it has since been updated and is now known as Cydia Substrate.

If your device manages to boot up without going into a reboot loop, get into Cydia and remove any tweaks that rely on MobileSubstrate.  If you can’t get in, you will need to go into DFU mode and restore.

You can then install the jailbreak again. Try downloading v1.0.1 or, if you have an iPad 2 download v1.0.2 which has been released to fix the endless reboot loop on that particular device.  Reinstall your tweaks and you should have no further trouble.

Jailbreak gets stuck

Some people are finding that the jailbreak process itself is freezing up halfway through. It should take no more than 5 minutes to jailbreak your device using evasi0n7. If it takes longer than this, the advice from evad3rs is to shut down the jailbreak on your PC, re-open it, reboot your device and start again.

Evasi0n can’t be opened on your Mac

This is more than likely an issue caused by GateKeeper on OS X 10.8 or higher.  If you right-click on the desktop app for Evasi0n, select Open and then Open again in the box that appears, it should work just fine.  If not, try right clicking again and selecting

Show Package Contents > Contents > MacOS > Evasi0n7.


Stuck on Activation Lock

Activation Lock is Apple’s latest Anti-theft feature. It uses the device owners Apple ID as permission to restore and may ask for it during the jailbreak.  There is no way to get round this unless you know that password which, if the device was purchased by you, you should know.  If you have a second hand phone you need to contact the previous owner and ask them to disable to lock remotely.

activation ios 7 iphone 5

Stuck on Configuring System

Some people have reported this error during the jailbreak process.  It has been suggested that the problem lies with “slow machines” although it isn’t clear what evad3rs mean by that as they didn’t provide any minimum requirements this time.  However, they did suggest attempting the procedure using another computer.

General Advice

  1. Always back up your device before you apply the jailbreak, just in case something goes wrong.
  2. If you have a passcode lock activated, disable it before you begin.
  3. While the jailbreak is being processed please do not do anything that requires iTunes.
  4. If you have upgraded your firmware using the OTA method, perform a clean restore using iTunes before you jailbreak.
  5. For Windows users who struggle to open the Evasi0n application, right-click and Run As Administrator as shown below evasion run as admin
  6. If you have one of the brand new A7 64-bit chip devices, you may run into trouble with some tweaks. As we speak, developers are updating jailbreak apps and tweaks to support iOS 7 and the newer devices so exercise a little caution when downloading and patience.

Have you come across any other issues ? Found a fix for them ? Let us know in the comments box below. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.




  1. sir iphone4 GSM is stuck on apple logo because i was used jailbreak and this happen i faced it
    sir giove me this solution?

    1. Hey man, just connect your device to your computer (PC, or Mac) and open iTunes, put into DFU mode by holding top and home button for ten seconds, keep holding home button for at least another five seconds, the apple logo should not appear, press the home button once and if nothing happens that means it is in DFU mode, you computer will then say it has detected a device in DFU mode, press restore or reset what ever it says that has something to do with resetting your device, click it and agree to everything it wants u to agree. Than this might take 15 mins or more. Don’t worry resetting will only delete your apps, by now it should be a brand new iPad and u can unplug it from the computer when it is done. If it says there was an error, sometimes it has reset your device so just press the home button and see, set up your i device with the SAME Apple ID it had before, just redownload your apps free off iCloud no matter the price u paid to get them they will be free if they have th cloud and an arrow, just go to your purchased section because if u search it it might say it cost money. It is free if u already purchased it. Your jailbreak will be gone. All your online data should automatically come back to all you apps, most of the time, not all of the time. That should be it if this didn’t work, sorry but I have had to do this many times and it worked for me on IOS7 and above. Good luck! :)

  2. Hi. I have an iPad mini that Is jailbroken already (ran the jailbreak, and evasi0n says it’s jailbroken), but there’s no Cydia. How do we get Cydia bak on? Thanks!

  3. I have found a fix to the problem but I don’t know how to prevent it, every now and then, my jailbreak stops working my barrel tweak stops working, my lock screen goes back to slide to unlock and my home screen background is 100% brown. My fix is to uninstall the tweak I last installed and I can reinstall it if I want but does anyone know how to prevent this problem?

  4. Please apply jailbreak capability to Activation lock, I’m sure you guys are just as smart of not even smarter than apple IT’s. If redsn0w is capable of doing so on previous jailbreaks so can you. I have faith in Evasi0n and so does my wallet from many donations.

    1. Not that wild about the back either but I keep a case on mine for fear of dripopng it. I’d like to use it with no case but I’m just chicken. If the back is mostly aluminum I may go sans case on this one but it isn’t too pretty. That charging port is going to kill a couple of my accessories until someone develops something to help me. While I like the speaker holes on the bottom it looks like the space between them potentially blocks a good bit of sound. The screen over my speakers now do get pretty cruddy looking though so maybe this will help with that. Next week will be fun no matter what. I’ll be camping with the kids so no wifi and service means the end of the week will bring all kinds of surprises for me.

  5. Just Jailbroke my new phone and I’m having problems running the Evasi0n7 app. All downloads went as they were supposed to, but everytime the app goes to run, it freezes and either reboots itself after awhile or I have to do my own reboot on it. I also don’t have the a Cydia app at all. It’s been awhile since I’ve Jailbroken anything and help for this would be great.

    1. : Salut laurent c est juste pour te dire que j ai deeruvcot un super tweak sa s apelle icoz a0bb sa sert a lire se que tu veux avec une voix robotiser sa marche nikel et pour le faire marcher il faut faire comme si tu copier mais il y aura marquer icoz , tu clique desus et sa lit le texte selectione9 . Il n y a pas besoin de source speciale . Tu devrais faire un tuto . J ai prix la source mais elle vas servire a quoi exactement ?

  6. hey,i just install Cydia ios 7 last night and it work,but when i open music on cydia..I only see a white screen,my turn off and home button doesnt work..But time,wifi,battery and everything is working (just my screen turn into white,home button and turn off button doesnt work)

    Please help me thnks

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