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As the date for iOS 7 to be released to the public draws nearer, it’s time to start thinking about the iOS 7 jailbreak. There have been a few questions raised over the utility – will there be one, when will it be released, will it be free, where can you download it?  Hopefully this article will answer those questions for you.

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Right now, iOS 7 is still in its beta stages. It’s thought that the Gold Master version will be released to developers on September 10th, and the final version will be released a week or so later.  The jailbreak dev teams are all busy examining iOS 7 and testing it out, looking for those all-important exploits and vulnerabilities needed to build the utility.  While they have most of them, there have been a few that have been patched already by subsequent iOS 7 betas, serving to delay the jailbreak by a short while.

Download Evasion for Cydia :

Evasi0n itself was upgraded several times during its functional lifespan and still continues to be upgraded today. So, if you have an iOS device running on 6.0 and above and you haven’t carried out a jailbreak yet, go ahead and download evasi0n today. You can follow our How-to guides on successfully and safely jailbreaking and then take a look at our tutorials on how to add repos to Cydia and the best jailbreak tweaks to download.

Team evad3rs have confirmed that they will be releasing an updated version of evasi0n to jailbreak iOS 7. This will be available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and will support all iOS devices that are supported by iOS 7. The timing of the release is something that cannot be answered, not even by the developers themselves.

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Until iOS 7 is out of beta, they can’t possibly know what will be available for them to work on. This means, for all those who are asking if they can jailbreak iOS 7 in beta, the answer is a resounding no.  Once the firmware is released, then, and only then, can the developers begin the final build and testing phase of the untethered jailbreak utility. We all know how long that took with iOS 6 so the best piece of advice is to sit tight and wait.

You will see plenty of websites advertising the fact that they, and they alone, have the untethered solution for iOS 7. Do not fall for it – they are likely to be fraudulent sites that will try to charge you for a non-existent download. There is one way to ensure that you are not ripped off when it comes to downloading the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak.

Download iOS 7 Jailbreak :

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Free Downloads and Tutorials :

We will also provide you with a full set of tutorials, both written and in video form. There will be guides for safely downloading the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak on all of the supported devices.  There will be guides on Cydia and how to use it properly and effectively. We will also give you our top tips for the best repos to add to Cydia and the best tweaks to download.  All of this is FREE.

Join us now and in the coming weeks you will be the first to know the news from Apple’s media event on 10th September, the first to know when the new products are being released and the first to know when that untethered jailbreak is ready for download.

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