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For those looking to download Cydia on iOS firmware , follow the linked tutorial below for step by step tutorial . For people who dont want to go through the hassle and want to Download Cydia without a PC , read the tutorial . Please note that we already have working Cydia jailbreak for iOS 5 , iOS 6 , iOS 7 , iOS 8 and iOS 9 . So keep reading this post for more information on downloading cydia .

Image : Cydia Download on latest iPhone

cydia download ios 9

How to Download Cydia :

  • iOS 7 [ Keep Reading ]
  • iOS 8 [more detailed tutorial]
  • iOS 9 [more detailed tutorial]

There are 4 ways to download Cydia on your iPhone running iOS .

  • Method 1 – In this method you can directly download the cydia icon on your device from the Safari browser without needing any heavy downloads or computer to do the process for you . Follow the steps as explained here .
  • Method 2 – This method uses the Evasi0n jailbreak process to jailbreak and download cydia on your iOS 7 device . It requires a computer , either windows or mac .
  • Method 3 – Using Taig Jailbreak Tool for jailbreaking using Windows PC or a Mac .
  • Method 4 : Using Pangu jailbreak tool for jailbreaking on both Mac and Windows .

Method 1 : Cydia App Download

To download cydia app icon on your iPhone running iOS 7 – iOS 8 – iOS 9 , here is a quick trick .This method will not work on any other iOS browser except Safari and is designed specifically for downloading cydia app . This tip is specially handy when you are looking to get Cydia on iPhone , while waiting for the jailbreak installer to release.

  1. On your iPhone or iPod Touch , launch Safari browser . Note that this method will not work on Chrome or Firefox browser . ios 9 safari iphone 6 plus
  2. Now search this term “download cydia” without the quotes as shown in the image below. Now on the result page find our site as shown in the image below . download cydia search
  3. Verify that it has in the URL .This will lead you to the jailbreak page on our website specifically designed for this tutorial . If you cannot find the result on search page or have no access to Google in your country , simply open this url in your safari browser as shown in the image below .ios_9_jailbreak_cydia0 copy
  4. You will see the mobile version of the site Now just tap on the UP arrow on the bottom of the screen as shown here. ios_9_jailbreak_cydia0
  5. This will bring up the option to save the page in your iphone homescreen . Tap on “Add to Home Screen” that as shown in the image below . ios_9_jailbreak_cydia1
  6. Now you will be asked to name the app. Just type in “Cydia” and hit Add button as shown in the image below . ios_9_jailbreak_cydia2
  7. You will now see Cydia icon on your iPhone home screen . Launch the app icon to stay updated to Cydia Jailbreak status .

ios_9_cydia_home_screenVideo : Here is a video explaining the entire process of installing the Cydia icon [not jailbreaking] .

Method 2  : Evasi0n Jailbreak iOS 7 [ Mac | PC ]

iOS 8 and iOS 9 Jailbreakers , skip to Method 3 – 4 for details .

  1. You have to go to Evasion’s website and download the latest version of Evasion . [ link – Download Evasion]
  2. Install Evasion following the given instructions .
  3. Proceed with the pages and let the installer download evasi0n for you .
  4. Now Open Evasion in Administrator Mode evasion run as admin
  5. Connect your device with your computer but do not open iTunes – if it launches automatically, shut it down shut-down-itunes-close-itunes
  6. Evasi0n 7 will now detect your iOS device as shown in the screen evasi0n 7 jailbreak
  7. Click on the Jailbreak button . This will start the jailbreak process .
  8. Now leave everything alone – evasi0n 7 will run through the process of jailbreaking your device
  9. Keep an eye on it as you will be asked to tap on the Evasi0n icon on the Home screen of you device evasion icon ios 7
  10. Once you have done this Evasi0n 7 will continue until your device reboots for the last time into a jailbroken state – you will know when the procedure is complete because Cydia will appear on one of your Home screeniphone 5s ios 7 cydia

Cydia iOS 7 Evasi0n Compatibility :

Cydia is compatible with every single model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, provided it can be jailbroken. It continues to grow as more and more developers join in and develop their own tweaks but it’s no longer just for iOS users to have all the fun. Freeman has recently built and released a Cydia substrate for Android users, allowing their developers the same opportunities.

Method 3 : Taig Jailbreak iOS 8.x.x – 9 [ Mac | PC ]

taig ios 9 jailbreak

This method involved using Taig Jailbreak tool for windows . Taig is exclusively supported on Windows . They are one of the fastest jailbreak releasers . [Link – Taig Jailbreak]

Method 4 : Pangu Jailbreak iOS 8.x.x – 9 [ Mac | PC ]

pangu 9

Pangu Team is the second most popular jailbreak team after iphone Dev . Their much popular Pangu tool is supported on both WIndows and Mac OSX . You can get full step by step tutorial and latest tools supported on iOS 8 and iOS 9 here [Link – Download Pangu] .

Cydia Meaning :

The name Cydia alludes directly to the”Codling Moth“, with a scientific name of Cydia Pomonella. It’s an agricultural pest, with the larva burrowing into fruit, more commonly apples. It is also used as the proverbial “worm in the apple” seen in cartoons and other depictions.

More About iOS 7 Cydia – iOS 8 and iOS 9 :

In February 2008, an alternative to the on OS 1.1 was released. It was called Cydia and it was developed by Jay Freeman, perhaps better known as Saurik. Cydia is an open source alternative for installing third-party apps and it was actually released months before Apple released their first ever version of the App Store.  By April of 2009, Cydia had claimed around 4 million downloads, about 10% of the number of people who owned Apple devices at that time.

Image : Cydia versions on each iPhone release


Over the years, since that first release, Freeman has gone on to build one of the most successful third-party app installers ever seen. It contains, quite literally, thousands of different apps and tweaks, mods and themes, for people to use on their jailbroken iOS devices. It’s a platform for developers to build their own apps, ones that Apple would not approve of.

Cydia iOS 9 Download Update :

We know for definite that there will be an iOS 9 untethered jailbreak but we don’t know yet who is going to release it.  At the moment there are 2 main contenders – Team Taig with another Team PP . P0sixninja has made no secret of the fact that he feels that he alone will be responsible for us being able to Download Cydia on iOS 9 . He has tweeted several times over the last few months that he has found more exploits to be used in the iOS jailbreak. We also saw a cryptic tweet along the lines that it was about time somebody brought out a tool that was better than Redsn0w. He has already announced that, at some point, he will release a iOS 9 Bootrom jailbreak, which is exactly what Redsn0w is.

Image : Cydia on iOS 8

cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3

Pangu Team , on the other hand, are not giving away too much information at this stage. Pod2g did start off by announcing that iOS 9 is Rootless.  However, he has now settled in to some serious testing and will no doubt be able to tell us soon when we will be able to download Cydia on iPhone .

Get Cydia Download Instructions on iPhone via Email :

When the iOS 9 untethered jailbreak does become available, we’ll be giving you full instructions on how to download Cydia on iOS 9.

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