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iOS 7 is kind of old news by now. After all, the developers have had their hands on it since June 10th and we are now on iOS 7 Beta 2.  We are hearing some comments from those who are testing it, about issues that the firmware is throwing up but not much about the features and apps that have been included. We know that some of those new features look very much like they have been borrowed from the Cydia App Store.


On the subject of Cydia, there is much talk about the iOS 7  jailbreak possibilities. We know that at least 2 separate entities are currently working on the Cydia for iOS 7.  Evad3rs are the obvious choice. After all, they had huge success with the iOS 6 jailbreak utility, evasi0n. Pod 2g is currently deep into testing iOS 7 and looking at the possibilities for a new jailbreak. We already know that they had some exploits left over from evasi0n and that more have since been found so it’s really a question of finding how it all fits together.

P0sixninja, who used to be one the team leaders for the Chronic dev team, is also looking at building the means to download Cydia onto iOS 7.  He has released several tweets over the last few months, at one point saying that iOS 7 would be his. He is also working on releasing a Bootrom jailbreak for iOS 7 to compete with Redsn0w.


Talking of Redsn0w, it’s almost a given that, at some point they will also release a tethered option for downloading Cydia onto iOS 7.

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So, we have several possibilities here. It’s not a race to see who can finish first. After all, none of them can release their utilities until iOS 7 has been released to the public.

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