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TaiG surprised the jailbreakers all round the world when it released the much-hyped jailbreak for iOS 8.3. Just recently it was reported that the Pangu Team would come up with this jailbreak, while the TaiG team was supposed to work on the upcoming iOS 9 jailbreak which will come after the public release of Cydia iOS 9. But TaiG totally took us in by surprise with the TaiG 2.0 jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. But not everything is alright with the tool, as TaiG has stated that this is an early version of the tool and misses out on a lot of important features like the Cydia Substrate, which have not yet been updated to work with iOS 8.3. The update is to come soon, but it was being assumed that all that depends on Saurik (Jay Freeman), the creator of Cydia.

Image : Cydia iOS 8.3 Update

cydia ios 8.3

Everybody was of the opinion that Saurik needed to work out from his end to make Cydia Substrate compatible with iOS 8.3 and hence TaiG 2.0. Cydia Substrate is essential as it is the support framework which helps Cydia function and provide you your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks. But our opinions have been proved wrong, as Saurik himself has released a statement saying that it is in the hands of the TaiG team to come up with a solution for the Cydia Substrate and make it work with the jailbreak tool.

This has shifted all of the expectations of the jailbreakers from Saurik to TaiG. A lot of questions are being asked as to when will the TaiG team release an update for the new TaiG 2.0 tool and how it will reach the users. If you are running the jailbreak already on your device, then it is being supposed that the update or fix for the Substrate will be released as a package which can be downloaded by the users from Cydia.

We don’t know yet and nor can we predict the time when this update will come out. But it seems that Saurik is sure that it will not take much time. He was quoted saying :

I’m hoping it will be soon, as the jailbreak isn’t nearly as potent without all of the great jailbreak tweaks that we know and love.

Tweet : Saurik talks about Cydia’s Support of iOS 8

cydia ios 8.30 cydia ios 8.31

Many jailbreakers who were excited about the release of TaiG 2.0 tool have already installed the jailbreak on their device, while the ones who got the news a bit late have held on until the fix for the substrate arrives. Cydia Substrate needs a kernel patch to work properly, so we can assume that the fix for it may be included in the jailbreak tool itself. So let’s wait and watch how TaiG finds its way out of this error.

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  1. Well everything is working fine on my device :) ..and yes im on 8.3 with taig V2.0.0 …

    U can download a .dep file That fixes the substrate issue .. Anyway Soon taig reported to not use it as its unstable and buggy!

    I found the file on
    Cheers if u just cant wait ;)

    1. Am still stuck @30%, restart several times and then jailbreak fails….i tryd downgrading apple, flight mode etc….

  2. Well well well i finnally figured thus issue out, Are you stuck at 30% or 20% or any where when using taig??? Just change ur device date to 2/june/2014 thats all!!! Enjoy

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