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On September 10th Apple are reportedly holding a media event. This will be to announce their new line-up for the upcoming season and will include the iPhone 5S, the 5C and an official release date for iOS 7. On the same day, it’s also thought that Apple will seed the iOS 7 GM version to developers in preparation for the public release.

Image : Cydia on iOS 7 iPhone 5

download cydia ios 7

Has iOS 7 killed off Jailbreaking ?

In a word, no. Many people who have looked at iOS 7 believe it has though. As well as completely redesigning the firmware, Apple has also added in a lot of new features, many of which seem to be eerily similar to jailbreak tweaks. Apple has been fighting the developers for years – every time a new jailbreak utility is built, Apple squashes it in fairly short order. So, why have they opted to use features that are based on jailbreak tweaks? One reason could be to discourage people from feeling the need to jailbreak. However, this will not stop the developers. With iOS 7 comes a brand new platform for developers to base their tweaks on and, when the untethered jailbreak is released, we could easily see a whole new world of tweaks, mods and themes appearing in Cydia.

What Stage is the Jailbreak Utility at ?

evasion jailbreak ios 7

IOS 7 is currently still in beta form and will not be released until around 19th or 29th of September. At the moment, the jailbreak developers are currently testing iOS 7 and are continuing to look for those all-important exploits and vulnerabilities.  It’s expected that evasi0n, released for iOS 6, will be updated to support iOS 7 so a great deal of the background work has already been done. In theory, this should mean that the untethered jailbreak could be released fairly shortly after iOS 76 is rolled out to the public. In practice, this isn’t likely to happen. Once iOS 7 is completed and released, the dev. teams will then have to complete their build and start the testing process. The new utility will have to be thoroughly tested on all 3 major platforms – Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  It will also have to be tested on all the devices that iOS 7 supports. Until that is done, the jailbreak cannot and, more importantly, will not, be released.

iOS 7 on iOS 6 :

If you have not delved into iOS 7 yet, preferring to wait until public release, there are a number of Cydia tweaks you can download to make your iOS 6 device look like its running on iOS 7 :


  • For the new multitasking features, download Auxoauxo ios 7
  • If you want the new clock feature, download LiveClock live clock ios 7
  • To get an idea of the new photo filters Apple has added, go for PhotoFilters
  • The new control Center on iOS 7 is virtually identical to SBSettings or NCSettings
  • If you want that nifty shifting background, try DeepEnd
  • Apple has included call blocking this time around – already available on iBlacklist
  • At long last, Apple has brought the lockscreen into play by allowing access to the Notification Center – That can be got with IntelliscreenX or LockInfoinstelliscreenx ios 7
  • Jealous of those who have Airdrop ? Download Instashare
  • iOS 7 now automatically updates apps for you – already there with Auto App Updater
  • FolderEnhancer lets you store as many apps in folders as you like – another one of Apple’s “new” features
  • And let’s not forget the iOS 7 Theme and wallpapers.

These are all great tweaks to download while you are waiting for the official release so you can get Cydia on iOS 7.

#Trick : How to Get Cydia Icon on iOS 7

To download cydia icon on your iPhone running iOS 7 , here is a quick trick . Please note that this is not jailbreaking , just getting the cydia icon on your iOS device [iPhone , iPod , iPad] .

  1. On your phone , launch Safari and open our site
  2. You will see the mobile version of the site . On any page of the site , just tap on the up arrow as show here. install cydia ios 7 (1)
  3. This will bring up the option to save the page in your iphone homescreen . Tap on that as shown in the image below install cydia ios 7 (3)
  4. Now you will be asked to name the app. Just type in “Cydia” and hit Add button as shown in the image below .install cydia ios 7 (2)
  5. You will now see Cydia icon on your iPhone 5 home screen running iOS 7 . It does not jailbreak your device , but tricks someone into believing that you have a jailbroken phone .

YouTube Video explaining the entire process of installing the Cydia icon on iOS 7.

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