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iOS 7 is now out of captivity and is currently being downloaded by millions of people across the world.  With this release, the developers can now concentrate fully on working on the next untethered jailbreak utility.  Tweets have recently been spotted between Pimskeks and Pod2g, two prominent jailbreak developers, with the latter saying that his confidence in the availability of a jailbreak tool is increasing. However, he does point out that we shouldn’t expect it to be ready soon.

Image : iOS 7 Jailbreak Cydia under progress says Pod2G

ios 7 jailbreak iphone 5s

Ever since iOS 7 was first revealed, along with the first beta release on June 10th, the jailbreak developers have been hard at work, testing each beta and working out what is available for use. With such a radical overhaul of the iOS, system there is a great deal more for the developers to work with.

We have already read of some delays due to the fact that Apple patched a few exploits with subsequent beta versions, although whether that was by design or accident is not known.

However, with the public release of iOS 7 the developers can now get down the serious task of testing the remaining exploits and looking for more in case they are needed. Just after the GM version was released on September 10th another highly skilled developer, Planetbeing, told us that the team had managed to break through Apple’s security and could now start seriously looking at the kernel.

Image : Cydia on iOS 7

download cydia ios 7

While this is good news for the jailbreak community, we must not forget that it took around 5 months after release for an untethered iOS 6 utility to be released.  Evad3rs, the team responsible for that jailbreak, are working hard on finding ways to upgrade their utility, Evasi0n, to support iOS 7, as well as taking into account the new iPhone 5S with its brand new 64-bit technology.

So, before we all start champing at the bit, demanding a utility be released, let’s not forget how much work actually goes into one of these tools. It isn’t a 5 minute job, it requires months and months of hard work, most, if not all of which is carried out by the developers, in their free time for nothing.

Image : iOS 7 Jailbreak on iPhone 5S coming Soon


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  1. German says:

    I don’t now how to get cydia!

  2. Sa says:

    I dont really see its necessary for an average iPhone user to jailbreak, pretty much most of the jailbreak tweeks and features are now natively integrated into iOS 7

  3. Anoyin says:

    Waiting for iOS 7 Jailbreak. Hope to be sooner.

  4. Zaki says:

    Can anyone tell me how to jailbreak ios 6.1.3

  5. Kb922 says:

    I meant there is no *untethered* jailbreak for 6.1.3…all the jailbreak you can find by google

  6. Desir3_0ut says:

    If all the non jailbreakers jailbroke then it wouldn’t be fun because everyone would have cydia -desir3 out-

  7. weee says: <— whats this then ? Seems that Jailbreak for IOS 7 is out now !

  8. Tweeker says:

    Rock on guys. Can’t wait, good luck!

  9. alwazan says:

    Cydia on iOS 7

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    I want to cydia.

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    Je veux avoir ios 7

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