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iOS 10.2 has been released to the public, the latest in a long string of updates from Apple as they try to keep their latest firmware running at peak performance and as free of bugs and glitches as they can. Despite iOS 10 being one of the most popular firmwares ever, being full of brand new features, many users are still looking for that one elusive feature – a new jailbreak. The biggest question being asked right now is when can we download Cydia for iOS 10.2 ?

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Sadly, that is a question we cannot give you a definitive answer at this moment. We already know that iOS 10 has been jailbroken, simply because Luca Todesco has provided us with proof. He managed to jailbreak iOS 10 on an iPad and iOS 100.1 on and iPhone 7, both within a matter of days of the firmware being released. There are those who are now questioning why, if he can do it, Pangu [ext link] and Taig can’t produce a working jailbreak as quickly.

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There is a simple answer to this. While it is a relatively easy process to find a vulnerability, and exploit it on a couple of devices, it is a much harder prospect when the same must be done for millions of devices. Pangu and Taig are working tirelessly, right now, on bringing us Cydia for iOS 10.2 but we do have to keep in mind that, with the firmware being a relatively new release, this is going to take some time and there are a couple of other factors to consider here.

Apple’s Bug Bounty Slowing Down Cydia Development :

Two of the main things that are making it difficult to bring us Cydia for iOS 10.2 now are Rootless and the Bug Bounty program. Rootless is Apple’s new security attempt at stopping jailbreaking for good and, although it hasn’t done that by the looks of it, it has proved to be causing a problem and slowing things down. The Bug Bounty program is a new thing for Apple; for the first time ever, they are offering rewards to researchers who find and report vulnerabilities to them, up to $200,000. That sort of reward could very well result in many of the vulnerabilities that teams like Pangu and Taig would use being sold to Apple and patched up.

While the news isn’t very promising right now, we can hold on to hope that Either Taig or Pangu will be able to give us the means to download Cydia for iOS 10.2 soon. If you Sign up to our free email newsletter and follow us on Facebook, we will keep you up to date with all the latest developments as soon as they happen.



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