Cydia iOS 10.1.1

When Apple released iOS 10 is September, we had high hopes that we would see Cydia iOS 10 fairly quickly. Unfortunately, instead of a jailbreak we got more iOS updates instead, with the latest being iOS 10.1.1, another minor bug fix in Apple’s bid to keep iOS 10 as clean and smooth as possible. It breaks the previous Cydia 10.1 , but there is good news for Cydia iOS 10.1.1 seekers. Downloading Cydia on iOS 10.1.1 is possible. Keep reading for more details.

Image : Cydia iOS 10.1.1 Download


Quick Download Cydia iOS 10.1.1 :

This tutorial works on both 32 bit and 64 bit iOS devices running the latest iOS 10.1.1 firmware.

  1. Make sure you have iOS 10.1.1 download [ext link] installed and running on your iPhone or iPad .
  2. Now launch Safari browser on your iOS deviceios 10 safari
  3. Now simply open this url as shown below . cydia download safari search4
  4. Now tap the Up arrow at the bottom of the screen of your iPhone as shown here . iPad users will find that at the top right corner of the screen. cydia download safari search3how_tocydia_download_ipad_safari2
  5. On the next screen, tap on Add to Home Screen cydia download safari search2
  6. Name it Cydia and tap on Add cydia download safari search1
  7. The Cydia iOS 10.1.1 app should will be installed on your homescreen.ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10

Video : Here is the above process step by step on video

Pangu iOS 10.1.1 Cydia Installer Release Date ?

We don’t have any definite news for you on Pangu iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak [ext link] release at the moment. All we can tell you is that both PP Assistant and Pangu are busy working on the download for us and we hope to be able to jailbreak our iOS devices in the near future. There are those who are getting very impatient though, especially as Luca Todesco has already proven to us that Cydia can be downloaded on iOS 10 and iOS 10.0.2. However, what works on one device doesn’t necessarily work on all iOS devices and that’s where the delay is – PP Assistant and Pangu have to be able to produce Cydia for all iOS devices that can run iOS 10+ and every variation of each device; that equates to millions of devices and producing a jailbreak for all of them is no mean feat.

Image : Cydia iOS 10.1.1


The addition of Rootless to iOS 10 may be slowing things down a little as well although, as Todesco has proven, it hasn’t done what Apple claimed it would do and stopped jailbreaking altogether. One other thing that could be getting in the way as well is the Bug Bounty program that Apple has introduced. This pays large rewards to people who find important vulnerabilities in the iOS and there is no doubt that the promise of such large sums of money could be clouding some developer’s judgement, tempting them to report the vulnerabilities rather than leaving them untouched for The likes of PP Assistant and Pangu to use.

Cydia iOS 10.1.1 Installer Release Date :

The Cydia iOS 10.1.2 download isn’t far away though; we just need to give PP Assistant and Pangu a little more time to finish off their jailbreak work before they release it. As soon as they do, we will pass the download links on to you along with a full tutorial on how to use download and install Cydia for iOS 10.1.1. To get those links straight to your inbox, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter.




  1. Installing Cydia was never so easy. Tahnk you team Cydia. I am now trying to add new repo sources for free download of paid cydia tweaks.

  2. Hey, I don’t know if your cydia and Jay Freeman’s is the same? But I downloaded Jay Freemans on my IPhone 6 pluss IOs 10.1.1, and the app appeared on my screen, but I cant download any apps or tweaks, do you know whats wrong?

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