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Opinion about the world of jailbreaking is split – some say it’s the best thing ever while others are convinced it’s a dark and dangerous place to be. What makes people sit up and take notice is news such as todays – that what is the largest, the granddaddy of all repositories, has been hacked.

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We’re talking about BigBoss, a repo that is home to thousands of apps, tweaks, mods and themes, some paid, some free. It is the most commonly used repository, especially by newbies to the jailbreak scene because just about everything can be found in there. It is also one of a number of repos that are downloaded by default with Cydia.

Link : How to Add BigBoss Repo to Cydia

It has been reported that hackers have broken into the repo and set up their own repository, a version of the popular repo called “ripBigBoss”. Not a great deal of imagination there! The hackers work under the name of Kim Jong-Cracks and have managed to make every single app or tweak in BigBoss available completely free of charge.

Image : BigBoss Apps List on Cydia

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What isn’t know is whether anything downloaded from there will have a built-in DRM which means we also don’t know whether the downloads are of any use. However, the hackers have announced that they will be releasing a system-wide anti-DRM for all Cydia tweaks.

We won’t give you a link to Kim Jong-Cracks because that could be seen that we are supporting them. However, the team does claim that it has more than 19 GB of data in the form of almost 14,000 files.

Please Note : 

We strongly recommend that, until some action is taken, you do not download anything at all from the BigBoss repo. So far, there has been no word from the owners but, until the problem is fixed, steer clear – you don’t know what you will be downloading and it is also a form of piracy. The one thing we do not advocate is piracy in any shape – downloading paid apps for free is exactly that.

As and when we hear more information, we’ll pass it on to you. In the meantime, look elsewhere for your tweaks until BigBoss is safe to use again.

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