Cydia 1.1.23 Released – Download and Upgrade Now

Cydia is being updated a lot recently as Saurik has got himself busy to enhance the user experience of Cydia. The recently updated version 1.1.19 of Cydia was a major and worthy update and made Cydia run as mobile and not as root. A couple of more updates were released to clean out all the bugs. And today, Saurik has gone ahead and released the Cydia Installer version 1.1.23 which fixes a few bugs and brings in two brand new features.

Image : Cydia 1.1.23 Download

cydia 1.1.23 download

The first of the two new features in the updated 1.1.23 version of Cydia allows you to downgrade packages to their older versions. This feature was long-needed and Saurik was requested by thousands of Cydia users to add this feature to Cydia. This feature is truly very useful. For instance, there can be times when you update a package but find it to be buggy and unstable. Previous Cydia versions did not have this feature and thus you did not have a way to downgrade the buggy packages to their older, more stable versions. But this new feature has solved the problem.

The second feature has been inspired from TweakHub and enables the users to view packages which are available for the apps installed on their iOS devices. This new feature is displayed on the Cydia homepage under the new label named Find Extensions for Applications. However, many users are reporting that the list appears to be empty, so Saurik will hopefully release a fix for this soon.

The Full Changelog for Cydia 1.1.23 :

  • Support for Downgrading Packages

Many a times it happens that when new versions of packages  are released, they come out to be buggy. In such cases, the users are unable to downgrade even if the new version is pulled down.

But now Cydia not only allows the users to downgrade to the previous version, but they will be able to downgrade to any previous version of the package that is available on the repo. The previous versions will be left online for quite some time so that the users can sort out the issues that they were having with the newer versions.

  • Find Extensions for Applications

2cydia downgrade upgrade help

1cydia downgrade upgrade helpTweakHub, a Substrate extension, has inspired this new feature for finding extensions for your apps. The new feature automatically determines the applications that a Substrate extension can modify and then makes a categorized lists for the same on the basis of the apps installed on that iOS device.

This new feature does not depend on developers and repositories for tagging the packages manually, as most of the information is picked already by the whole package index feature of Cydia automatically.

  • Clearing Caches Killed Cydia

A situation was reported by a user where the device exhausted the disk space. This was followed by iOS clearing the cache, after which Cydia failed to run. This issue has been fixed now.

How to Upgrade Cydia :

Cydia 1.1.23 is really a major update and a must-have for all the Cydia users. So if you have not upgraded to this version yet, it is strongly recommended that you do so by heading to the Changes section in Cydia and installing the latest update for the Cydia Installer as explained below . Alternatively you can jailbreak your non-jailbroken iPhone – iPad using new updated Taig 2.4.1 Jailbreak for iOS 8.4cydia upgrade updatecydia_upgrade_tutorial1 cydia_upgrade_tutorial3 (1)cydia_1.1.23

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  1. cydia v1.1.23 is crashing.. if u go to uninstall tweak its crashng.. its buggy .. hope saurik will fix this

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