How to Customize Cydia

The jailbreak community witnessed the release of Cydia 1.1.17 and 1.1.18 when the TaiG 2.3 for iOS 8.4 was launched a few days ago. And as if it was not enough, Saurik decided to surprise us and released the 1.1.20 version of Cydia last night ! The major change in this update is that Cydia will run as mobile and not as root, which directly means that it is now possible to change the look and feel of Cydia with the tweaks. Developers can produce tweaks now which will work on Cydia.

Image : Customize Cydia using Dedicated Made for Cydia Tweaks

cydia tweaks ios 8.4

Dedicated Cydia Tweaks :

As soon as the update was released, it was not long before a couple of dedicated tweaks for Cydia came out and can be downloaded right now by the users.

The first of the two dedicated tweaks is the ShareTweak, which enables the users to share the Cydia packing information with other users by using the in-built share sheet in iOS. ShareTweak basically places a dedicated share button at the upper right-hand part and brings together the remove and install options in a fresh new interface.


Codling is the second dedicated tweak. Using this tweak, users can make the loading HUD blurred which appears when you refresh Cydia. Light as well as dark options are present in Codling and users can configure them using the preference panel present in the stock Settings app.


The two dedicated Cydia tweaks look simple enough, but they are a proof that a cool new range of tweaks and apps is going to begin soon

The official Cydia changelog of version 1.1.19:

cydia tweaks ios 8.4How to Update to Cydia 1.1.20 :

Video : Here is a short video explaining how to upgrade your existing Cydia version

  1. Open Cydia and wait while everything loads up.
  2. Tap the Changes tab and then select the Refresh button.
  3. Then wait until Cydia prompts a message that says Essential Upgrade.
  4. Tap the Complete Upgrade option now and wait until it downloads and installs.
  5. The update will be installed and after the reboot, your iOS device will now be running the fresh Cydia 1.1.20!

This Cydia update has bumped up the possibilities for the tweak developers and the sky is the limit now. Customizable Cydia themes and features are expected to start pouring in soon.

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