7 Reasons Not to Install iOS 9 beta

Apple has just unveiled the iOS 9 a couple of days ago at the 2015 WWDC. As is the Apple tradition, the iOS 9 beta 1 firmware is available only to the developers, yet there are ways through which you can set your hands upon the piping hot iOS. But before you move on and upgrade to the beta version of iOS 9 in all your excitement, take a moment to know its great cons before going ahead. The reasons why you should not install the iOS 9 beta 1 are here .

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1. Not Fully Compatible to Apps

Third-party apps like WhatsApp had encountered compatibility issues in case of iOS 8, and the same can happen again with the iOS 9 too. The app developers need to make their apps compatible to run on the latest iOS 9, which will only be possible after Apple releases the final version of the OS. Until then, the developers cannot release the apps on the App Store, and the previous versions can encounter issues with the iOS 9.0 beta 1.

2. Full of Bugs

Beta versions are known to be notoriously buggy and can cause the device to restart or a Springboard crash. This can be annoying if you are in the middle of an important call, typing an urgent email or performing other important tasks. The reason is that it is the beta version and is not public-ready. It is meant only for developers to find and fix the bugs and issues and make their apps compatible with it, which will then help the public release of iOS 9 to be bug-free.


3. Downgrading Issues

It is possible to downgrade iOS 9 beta back to iOS 8.3 , but remember that you won’t be able to restore the backup that you took with iOS 9, as that backup won’t be compatible with iOS 8.3. This can lead to a loss of data if you are not aware. So you can only restore from an iOS 8 backup. Apple itself has warned users that downgrading won’t be possible. iphone recovery mode restore

4. No Jailbreak – No Cydia on iOS 9

If your device is jailbroken, you should know that the jailbreak will be lost after upgrading to iOS 9, and this will render your device un-jailbreakable for a very long time. Moreover, hackers do not release jailbreaks for beta firmware as the vulnerability gets fixed by Apple in the final versions. So you will only be able to jailbreak iOS 9 after it is made public and hackers release a jailbreak for the final version.cydia ios 9

5. No Support

Developers use spare devices for testing beta firmware. If you do it with your primary device and encounter some issues, you will have to wait for a developer fix or the next beta version to resolve that, as Apple always warns you that betas are full of bugs and issues.

6. Lack of Optimization

The beta versions of iOS 9 will not be optimized completely. The bugs and issues can affect the performance of the device and can cause it to crash many times.

7. Over-Expectations


With cool new iOS 9 features like split-view and slide-over windows, people are expecting great functionality in the beta versions. But you must remember that those features won’t work with all the apps and the developers will need to work it out for the final versions.

So if you want to experience a bug-free high-performance iOS 9 on your Apple device, it is suggested that you keep some patience and wait for  the public release.

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