Soon after the release of iOS 7 Beta , Jailbreakers started working on developing Cydia iOS 7 . iPhone 5 users note that iOS 7 Cydia is ready for release with final testing going on before the final release of iOS 7 BootROM Jailbreak from Team Evad3rs .

Cydia for iOS 7 can be tested and installed on your iOS 7 device . You can find the tutorial [both video and step by step instructions] in our blog and install iOS 7 Jailbreak on your phone . If you come across any problem , please leave a comment on any of the article for quick troubleshooting.

How to Download Cydia on iOS without Jailbreak

Download iOS Jailbreak Free

Alleged iPhone 6s Packaging Leaks before Sept 9 Event

iphone 6s release dates

cnBeta has received what is alleged to be an image of the iPhone 6s Plus packaging. A box can be seen in the blurry image and is strikingly similar to the retail packaging box that Apple previously used.It is confirmed by the unfolded box that the successor of iPhone 6 Plus will indeed by named

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MusicTransport – Play Background Music during Phone Calls

music transport cydia app

New jailbreak tweaks keep surprising us with the new kinds of facility that they bring to our iPhones. One such new tweak lets you play music on your iPhone while you are talking to your loved ones during a call. This new tweak is called MusicTransport and allows users to transmit sound effects or music through

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Customize your Facebook Experience with these Tweaks

facebook tweaks cydia

Are you an avid Facebook user ? If yes, then you would probably like to customize your Facebook experience on your jailbroken iOS device. Well, there are loads of Cydia tweaks out there meant to customize your Facebook and Messenger apps the way you want. Image : Facebook Tweaks Here is a list of top

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220,000 iCloud Accounts Breached due to Bad Jailbreak

icloud mac iphone 6

Jailbreaking makes our iOS devices so much more awesome. But we all know that Apple does not like jailbreaks. Why ? This is one of the reasons: 220,000 iCloud accounts have been breached through a backdoor attack made by a malicious jailbreak tweak downloaded from a repo source that is not very trusted and was probably

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TypeCast Cydia Tweaks shows Typing Indicator on Statusbar

typecast small

Messaging is one of the most-used features in our smartphones, and there are times when messaging gets included in the list of one of the most hectic activities. Yes, it does get hectic when you chat with a lot of people at the same time. It really helps to know when a person is typing

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FutureLock Lite brings App Access on iPhone Lock Screen

future lock lite cydia download

Jailbreaking has given us the power to customize our iOS devices beyond the limits that Apple has set for us. Right from your home screen to any other app, Cydia tweaks really help the users make the most of their devices. Most popular are those tweaks which provide shortcuts to the most used or the most

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Apple Offering Free iPhone 6 Camera Replacement Program

rear camera iphone 6s

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the current generation iPhones and are soon going to be replaced with the next-gen iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. These current-gen iPhones have had their fair share of controversies, and one of them was regarding a fault in the camera module resulting in blurry photos. There were

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iPhone Battery Drain – Fix Battery Life Issue on 8.4.1

fic iphone battery issue small

The iOS 8.4.1 update has been heavily criticised and said to be unnecessary by the users, because instead of fixing the existent bugs, the update introduced some more. One of those issues is the battery draining issue, which causes a full-charged iPhone 6 battery to drain out in just one hour ! Image : iOS

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iOS 9 Jailbreak – How to

ios 9 jailbreak

Jailbreaks have always remained close to the hearts of the iOS users who like their iOS devices free of all the limits that Apple have so imposed on them. The last several weeks were a blast for all of the iOS 9 jailbreaking community as well as the iOS 9 fans as there was just

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How to Delete Cydia

delete cydia

Cydia really gives the jailbroken iOS devices a tough edge over the non-jailbroken ones. This is because users can do a great deal of customization in their iOS device with Cydia, and Apple by default does not like jailbreaks, so you will have to live without Cydia in case you don’t want to jailbreak your

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