Soon after the release of iOS 7 , Jailbreakers started working on developing Cydia iOS 7 . iPhone 5 users note that iOS 7 Cydia is now available that uses BootROM Jailbreak from Team Evad3rs . iOS 8 and iOS 9 users can download Cydia using Pangu , Taig and PP Jailbreak.

Cydia for iOS 7 can be tested and installed on your iOS 7 device . You can find the tutorial [both video and step by step instructions] in our blog and install iOS 7 Jailbreak on your phone . If you come across any problem , please leave a comment on any of the article for quick troubleshooting.

How to Download Cydia on iOS without Jailbreak

Download iOS Jailbreak Free

How to Download Cydia on iOS 8.4

download cydia 8.4

Apple launched the latest iOS 8.4 , but it wasn’t just any other Apple update. The new OS was released with a lot of enthusiasm, and yes, the much-awaited Apple Music ! Apple’s own music streaming service is here along with Beats 1 radio station, security fixes, and many other stability improvements. But that was

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Sentinel – iPhone Call Blocking Tweak

sentinel ios call blocking small

Isn’t it annoying when you get calls from a person you don’t want to talk to? Well thankfully, there is a feature in iOS which enables users to block phone numbers. After blocking a number, you will never receive any messages, FaceTime calls, or phone calls from that number. This feature comes in handy for

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HUD Customizer – Customisations for iOS Volume HUD

hud customizer

Jailbreaking allows you to install Cydia on your device, which in turn, gives you access to several various jailbreak tweaks and apps. These tweaks and apps have the potential of customizing your iOS device in a way which stock iOS apps can never do. The most popular Cydia tweaks are those which enable us to

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Transition – iOS LockScreen Unlock Animation

transition ios 9 cydia small

iOS 8 has been considered as one of the most successful iOS versions till date. However, there were quite a few things which were not liked by most of the users and made us wish that Apple should have stuck to the previous version of iOS. One of such things is the lock screen. In the

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FrontFlash – Get Better Selfies on iPhone

frontflash cydia

It is really disappointing to see so many Android smartphones release with a LED flash on the front for illuminating the selfies, while the iPhone still does not come with it. Selfies have become a daily need now for most of the people who like to capture their everyday activities with their loved ones. However,

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SmartClose – iOS Background App Killer

smartclose small

Ryan Petrich is an extremely popular jailbreak tweak developer who has made almost a dozen or more awesome Cydia tweaks, one of which is the very important Activator tweak. And he has done an excellent job in another of his tweak called SmartClose. Basically, this tweak helps users to put the background apps into a deep

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Download Cydia iOS 9

download cydia small

Many iOS users will accept that Cydia is one of the reasons why they jailbreak their devices, but most of them will assert that Cydia iOS 9 is the only reason why they will jailbreak iOS 9 . Because it makes your iPhone and iPad so awesome! It mostly happens with most of the iOS

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Barrel – iOS HomeScreen Swipe Animation

barrel small cydia tweak

Cydia is known for one major function – providing jailbreak tweaks to add new fascinating features and customization options to iOS devices. For a lot of people, improving the visual appearance of iOS matter more than anything else. And if you are one of such people, then you might already be knowing about the Barrel

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How to Buy Paid Cydia Apps

buy cydia apps

As anyone within the jailbreak community knows, Cydia is home to all of the tweaks , apps, themes and mods that we use to customize our jailbroken iOS devices. Without jailbreaking and without Cydia on iOS , the iPhone and the iPad would be just as Apple wants them to be : Un-customizable, Standard and, perhaps,

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Aria 2 – Customize your iOS Music app

aria 2 small

Many of the iOS users will agree on this fact that the Music app has options placed at the wrong places and it would be so good if the tab buttons could be customized according to the personal liking of the user. Well, if you have been using jailbreaks for long and if you have

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PhotosLive Cydia Tweak brings iPhone 6s like Live Photos

photoslive cydia app small

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been released with much enthusiasm and those who haven’t received their new iPhones yet are eagerly waiting for it. These new twins are still sparkling new and haven’t even spent 24-hours of their life and the jailbreak community has already started bustling with efforts to replicate the features

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