Soon after the release of iOS 7 Beta , Jailbreakers started working on developing Cydia iOS 7 . iPhone 5 users note that iOS 7 Cydia is ready for release with final testing going on before the final release of iOS 7 BootROM Jailbreak from Team Evad3rs .

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Cydia for iOS 7 can be tested and installed on your iOS 7 device . You can find the tutorial[both video and step by step instructions] in our blog and install iOS 7 Jailbreak on your phone . If you come across any problem , visit out Help Forum for quick troubleshooting.

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How to Download Cydia on iOS 7 without Jailbreak

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Now that Evasi0n 7 , the untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 7 has been released, a high percentage of the jailbreak community have already gone ahead and used it to jailbreak their iOS devices. However, the release wasn’t without issue as many users came up against a number of problems.  Most of these have now been resolved with

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Download Cydia on iOS 7 without Jailbreak – Icon Only


In the last year since iOS 7 was released, no less than three separate jailbreaks have been released – Evasi0n 7, P0sixspwn and, more recently, Pangu. None of the jailbreaks were hassle-free and many users experienced a number of different issues. Most have been fixed with subsequent updates to all three jailbreak utilities and the number of

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Download BigBoss Repo Apps Free – Paid Cydia Apps Free


Opinion about the world of jailbreaking is split – some say it’s the best thing ever while others are convinced it’s a dark and dangerous place to be. What makes people sit up and take notice is news such as todays – that what is the largest, the granddaddy of all repositories, has been hacked. Image :

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Download Cydia iOS 7 Update – Version 1.1.12

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As many users wait for a jailbreak for iOS 7.1/7.1.1, Cydia receives an update to version 1.1.11. Although prominent developer i0n1c has shown us that his iPhone 5C will run an untethered jailbreak on iOS 7.1, he isn’t releasing the jailbreak publicly and, now that iOS 8 beta 1 is out and testing is well

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Cydia Installer iPhone for iOS 7 – How to Tutorial

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Just before Christmas 2013, Evad3rs released Evasi0n 7 Jailbreak for Cydia on iOS 7 devices , the only untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 7. Despite a bit of a rocky start, everything has now settled down and a high proportion of iOS users are now using the utility. Image : Cydia Installation on iPhone 5S On

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What is Cydia iOS 7 ? Know All About iOS 7 Cydia

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Cydia, tethered, untethered, OpenSSH, WinterBoard, there are hundreds of different words going round in your brain and you can’t make head nor tail of them.  Should you download cydia on your phone ? Will it hurt your iPhone ?  What is Cydia ? Image : Cydia iOS 7 on iPhone 5s Stay with us and we will

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Top 12 – Best iOS 7 Cydia Winterboard Themes


Popular theming app, WinterBoard, has just been updated to support iOS 7 devices with a –bit chip so we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the best themes available on Cydia. Not all Cydia apps have been updated yet, but this is an ongoing project and, as time

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Free iOS 7 Jailbreak Download

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The iOS 7 untethered jailbreak, evasi0n 7, has now been in circulation for a month. Despite a few teething troubles and initial problems, a series of updates to the utility seems to have settled things down so, if you have been waiting to jailbreak your iOS 7 device, now is the time to do it. Image

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App Store Cydia iOS 7

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While the Official Apple app store is home to more than a million apps, covering categories from games, to productivity apps to business and utilities, it doesn’t have everything.  Because of the limits and restrictions that Apple places on developers, many great apps are turned away at the door, simply because Apple doesn’t want them.

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How to Disable “Trust this Computer” everytime on iOS 7

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If you are a Windows user, more often than not when you connect your iOS device to your PC, you will get a message pop up asking if you trust this computer.  It doesn’t matter how many times you say yes to this message, it just keeps on appearing. Image : Trust This Computer on

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