Soon after the release of iOS 7 Beta , Jailbreakers started working on developing Cydia iOS 7 . iPhone 5 users note that iOS 7 Cydia is ready for release with final testing going on before the final release of iOS 7 BootROM Jailbreak from Team Evad3rs .


Cydia for iOS 7 can be tested and installed on your iOS 7 device . You can find the tutorial[both video and step by step instructions] in our blog and install iOS 7 Jailbreak on your phone . If you come across any problem , visit out Help Forum for quick troubleshooting.

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How to Download Cydia on iOS 7 without Jailbreak

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Now that Evasi0n 7 , the untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 7 has been released, a high percentage of the jailbreak community have already gone ahead and used it to jailbreak their iOS devices. However, the release wasn’t without issue as many users came up against a number of problems.  Most of these have now been resolved with

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Download Cydia on iPad Air – Retina Mini running iOS 7

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News on the jailbreak front has been a little quiet just recently but that doesn’t mean that things have come to a standstill.  Evad3rs are still busy working away on the untethered iOS 7 utility and, for those waiting for the untethered iOS 6.1.3/4 utility, we are still expecting that to be released before the end of

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How to Fix iOS 8 Cydia Problems


Apple officially launched iOS 8.1, its latest software update, following which Pangu built a jailbreak utility for the iOS 8 series from iOS 8 till iOS 8.1. However, the jailbreak came with three errors which could have proved detrimental to its usage. Although Pangu built the jailbreak for iOS 8, it is not useful for

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How To Reset Mac OS X Dock To Factory Defaults


I am currently covering the forthcoming launch of OS X Yosemite, Apple’s upcoming release of OS X for its Mac devices. During this process, I’ve had to repeatedly reset the appearance of my Dock interface to its previous factory settings. I would like to think that every Mac user would find it convenient to be

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Best iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks


A very well-known jailbreak tweak developer, by the name Ryan Petrich, has created upgraded version of some of his own tweaks for iOS 8. These tweaks are Flipswitch, Activator and Applist. Although the Chinese jailbreak developer team Pangu launched an iOS 8 jailbreak recently, some of the applications and tweaks which come with the jailbreak

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How to Install Cydia on iOS 8 in Mac


iOS 8 Jailbreak has been released by the Chinese Jailbreak developer team on 22nd Oct 2014. The new Pangu Jailbreak tool supports iOS 8 to iOS 8.1 and according to sources this jailbreak tool will support any future versions of iOS 8 as well if Apple doesn’t fix it. If you remember iOS 8 jailbreak

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How to install Cydia on iOS 8 After Pangu jailbreak


The Chinese jailbreak team Pangu has just launched the jailbreak utility for the gadgets that support iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 software updates. The only missing aspect was Cydia, without which the jailbreak is basically of no use at all.The missing Cydia has also been created by saurik immediately after the release of iOS 8

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iOS 8 jailbreak – Released


We have brought some much-awaited news for you regarding the iOS 8 jailbreak. The Chinese jailbreak team, Pangu, has finally managed to build and release the anticipated iOS 8 jailbreak utility which supports both the iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 software updates that was launched by Apple a couple of days ago. The first jailbreak

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iOS 8.1 Jailbreak – Status Update


With the release of the series of iOS 8 updates, i.e. iOS 8, iOS 8.0.2 and iOS 8.1, the users who have upgraded to this version are anxiously awaiting to use a jailbreak utility on their device with iOS 8. Let us discuss the state of the iOS 8 jailbreak currently. The jailbreak team Evad3rs

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Beats Headphones Works best with iOS 8 – Apple Removed Bose


Apple has officially taken away all Bose products i.e. its headphones as well as speakers from the online store of the company and these items are not expected to return to the site anytime in the future. For those who are up-to-date with technical news wouldn’t find this action surprising as Apple had already mentioned

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iPad Air 2 with iOS 8 and 8 MP iSight Camera – Jailbreak?


Phil Schiller, the chief manager of the marketing department of Apple Inc. reported during the Cupertino Company’s press event that the new iPad Air 2 offered many new features to the users including an advanced camera specification of 8 MP iSight with video resolution at 1080p HD, f/2.4 aperture as well as function integration with

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Cydia On iOS 8 – Is it Worth?


In the jailbreak world, Cydia is a popular name and a widely used application among jailbreak users. You are able to tailor-make your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch with the help of Cydia. Applications can be accessed without any restriction on these devices only because Cydia provides you with the

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